Club History Project

Lisa Carr, Chair


Blanding Rotary Club History
Compiled by Club Historian Toni Turk, please submit improvements to him at
·         Toni Turk, Club Founder
·         Phil Lyman, President 2006-2007
·         Charlie DeLorme, President 2007-2008
·         Timathy Chamberlain, President 2008-2009
·         Worthy Glover, President 2009-2010
·         Lisa Carr, President 2010-2011
·         Clay Conway, President-Elect 2010
·         Elaine Borgen, President-Elect 2011-2012
·         Paul Harris Fellows: Charlie DeLorme, Phil Lyman, Robert Turk, Toni Turk, Jeremy Redd
August 1, 2005
Re: Blanding Rotary Club
Dear (first name):
Like most everyone else I have been covered up by the events of the summer. Now that the dust has begun to settle I would like to give you a progress report on the efforts to charter a Rotary Club here in Blanding. As mentioned earlier it will take 25 subscribers to charter a new club. To date we have had a total of nine express an interest in being a part of such an effort. I would like to enlist each of your efforts in recruiting another one or two charter members. With that kind of a push we could possibly look at inviting the District Governor to connect all of the dots to make a club here a reality this fall.
From experience I know that such a service club can have a very telling effect on boosting local economic development. As most of you are probably aware Governor Huntsman has made Economic Revitalization a center piece of his administration. The Director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Martin Frey, has expressed an interest in coming to our community to explore options for Blanding’s inclusion in the Governor’s Economic Clusters Initiative. It would be great if we had a core group of future Rotarians for him to visit with, and then once our group is launched to come back and be a Rotary lunch program presenter. I’ve also been talking with Lloyd Pendleton, who heads up the State’s Homeless Task Force. He understands that the best way to reduce “homelessness,” which includes those living in sub-standard housing, is through economic development. I am receiving a lot of affirmation of support from the State level to make things start happening for us here in our community.
I really appreciate your interest in making Rotary happen here in Blanding. I believe with a little bit of an enthusiastic push on each of our parts we can make this happen for the economic betterment of our community. Please let me know of any others who express an interest in chartering. Thanks!
Toni Turk, Mayor
October 11, 2005
I would like to express appreciation to each of you for attending the “organizational” meeting of the Blanding Rotary Club last evening. I really believe that Rotary can make a positive difference in our community.
There are a number of decisions that remain to be made. Probably the November 7th meeting should take place at the City Offices to address structural issues. It would be helpful to pre-assess the feelings of the group on at least the following in advance of that meeting. If the answer to any one of these items would be “deal killer” for you, please indicate this in your response. Please address the following questions in a return mail:
·         Rotary – Interested “yes,” “no,” or “still considering”
·         Meetings Time – Noon on Mondays – “yes” or “no”
·         Meeting Place – City Office, Blanding Arts & Events Center or Other (Where)
·         Lunch – Catered, Optional, or Other
·         Availability to Serve – Board of Directors (president, president-elect, vice president, secretary-treasurer)
·         Nominations:
The following 26 were in attendance 10/10/05:
·         Black, Ben
·         Black, Carolyn
·         Carr, Ivan
·         DeWitt, Chas
·         Gibbons, Beppy
·         Glover, Worthy
·         Goez, Bill
·         Gurney, Anita
·         Gurney, Glenn
·         Guymon, Gary
·         Guymon, Richard
·         Lacy, Mike
·         Long, Clayton
·         Lyman, Phil
·         Pemberton, Randy
·         Redd, Brent
·         Redd, Jim
·         Shumway, Jim
·         Shumway, Stuart
·         Simpson, Craig
·         Simpson, Steve
·         Singer, Donna
·         Tahy, Notah
·         Turk, Robert
·         Turk, Toni
·         Webb, Chris
May 4, 2006
The Blanding Rotary Club was chartered. Charter members were:
1.       Bland-Borgen, Elaine
2.       Burtenshaw, Stephen
3.       Carr, Ivan
4.       Chamberlain, Timathy
5.       Crane, Sam
6.       Glover, Worthy
7.       Guymon, Dick
8.       Jensen, Steve
9.       Long, Clayton
10.   Lyman, Phil
11.   Pemberton, Randy
12.   Redd, Buddy
13.   Redd, Jeremy
14.   Shumway, Jim
15.   Shumway, Jason
16.   Shumway, Stuart
17.   Singer, Donna
18.   Stevens, Lynn
19.   Turk, David
20.   Turk, Larry,
21.   Turk, Robert
22.   Turk, Toni
23.   Webb, Chris
September 15, 2008
The Rotary District Governor will be attending our lunch meeting today. Please try to attend if possible. This is just another reminder, as we would like as much attendance as possible.

 He has some exciting news about possibilities for our club that no other club in the state will have.

Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
September 16, 2008
It is time once again to send students from our Interact club to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy). For the past two years we have sent students from the club to learn about leadership skills and service to their community. The High School is providing the transportation to and from the conference. Our club will be providing the entrance fee, which is $250 per student. We have three applicants and like last year we would like to send all three. The three applicants are: Heather Palmer, Jordan Giddings and Ryan Turk. Each of these three have been very active in our Interact Club and we would like to see each of them go to RYLA. 

We have received our first donation of $100 towards these students, and I would accept email pledges of any amount from club members. We will discuss this project at our Monday meeting, so you can bring your money then or bring it to me at the city office.

Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
October 3, 2008
Today is the homecoming parade and the club has committed to help collect children’s books for the interact club. Please go to the parade and look for Kari Pugh riding an ATV. She will give candy that will be exchanged for the books that people bring to donate. We will collect the books and take them back to the ATV. This is a great opportunity to help our Interact club in one of their projects.

Next week on Monday, we will be meeting at Yak’s Center Street Café instead of the Old Tymer. The meeting will be at the regular time of 12:00 noon, and Shurrell Meyer will be presenting. She will give information on the Library and also show the books that will be included in this year’s literacy book bag project. Please plan to attend and let others know of the change in venue.

Jeremy Redd, Treasurer

October 20, 2008
To: Timathy Chamberlain, President
Thank you again for your invitation to speak to the Blanding Rotary Club regarding Constitutional Amendment B. Just to confirm that I will be in Blanding on October 27th.

Attached is a handout that I will distribute at the meeting that provides some background information on Constitutional Amendment B. Given that San Juan County is a major oil and natural gas producer; I think that the members of your organization will find this topic interesting.

Bryant R. Howe, Assistant Director
Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel
W210 House Office Building
State Capitol Complex
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114
Phone: 801-538-1032
FAX: 801-538-1712
October 27, 2008
Brad King (our current representative) will be speaking to the Rotary Club today. Please plan to attend if you are able and invite as many guests as you would like. I asked the Old Tymer to be ready for more people this week. This would be a really good week to show our support for the club by attending. 

Jeremy Redd, Treasurer

December 2, 2008
To: Joe B. Lyman
The Mayor told me you were donating 2 pots for the Rotary Club auction. Should I make certificates for the winners to redeem with you or would you prefer that I get the pots and deliver them. Either way would be just fine for me.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
From: Joe B. Lyman
Normally we would give them the pots so people know what they are getting right then.

I'll put two pieces in the gift shop with a note that they are the Rotary Club pots and you can pick them up.

December 3, 2008
Lorin MacKay said he can speak to the Rotary Club on Dec 15.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
December 11, 2008
BMH CEO Lorin MacKay is set to speak on Monday. He has served as the CEO of small hospitals in Michigan, Washington State, Alaska, Northern California, Idaho and Salt Lake City. In Salt Lake City he was the CEO of two new specialty hospitals, and also was the CEO of an ambulatory surgical center in Salt Lake City.  He has 8 years of experience working with Indian Health Services in Washington State and Alaska. 

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Weber State, and a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Ohio State. He is the final stages of earning his Doctorate Degree.

He and his wife Kayla have 6 children - 4 boys, 2 girls. Three sons are attending college at Weber State University and University of Utah, 1 son serving an LDS mission in Honduras, one daughter married and the youngest daughter is in 9th grade. He brings many years of experience to our area. He is a great asset to our community and to the development and growth of our hospital.

Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
January 12, 2009
There will be no Rotary Club meeting on Monday the 19th because of the holiday.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
February 2, 2009
Check this out!
Clayton Long
February 9, 2009
Next week’s meeting (February 16th) will be cancelled due to the President’s Day Holiday. The following week (February 23rd) we will have a presentation from the United Way at the Arts & Events Center. The meal will be provided by the Rotary sponsored Venturing Crew and will be $10 per plate. Please plan to attend and bring a friend.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
March 23, 2009
The meeting today will be held at the Arts & Events Center at CEU in Blanding. Phil Lyman will be presenting the program and it should be very informative.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
March 27, 2009
Kathy Hurst:
I visited with Doug Allen last evening. I told him that Blanding had approved $1000 out of current year discretionary funds, and was going to consider the literacy project as a line item for the future. He told me that Monticello was going to consider it in their budgeting process, but then added that he guessed that they might also be able to do something out of discretionary. My impression was that he was going to address this with their Council.
When we get to the budgeting process, it would be good for you to address our Council at the appropriate time during the budget workshop process to describe with examples what the money does. I’ll let you know when that time would be appropriate.
Toni Turk
I’ll be glad to come when it’s time. I think hearing it from the Mayor helps lots. Thanks for your efforts. We’ve ordered books for 200 bags. That will get us by for a little while. When the money comes from these two sources, we can make up the 100 additional bags. I was remiss this year and let things get behind. I’m quite determined not to let that happen again.
Thanks for your help.   United we can stand. Divided I fall. I was sorry you missed this week. It was inspirational about the power of working together to accomplish good things.
Kathy Hurst
April 13, 2009
The meeting today will be held at the Arts & Conference Center at the College. We will be putting together the book bags for the literacy project. There will be no meal, so please bring your own lunch if you desire.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
April 15, 2009
Kathy Hurst is being recognized today for her efforts to improve the lives of children in San Juan County. There is a Family and Children Conference happening at the Arts and Events Center today and during their luncheon at noon she will receive an award for her efforts mainly connected amongst other things to her efforts with the literacy project she has done through our club.
I am telling each of you because family and friends are invited to come support her during this luncheon. She has been a little quiet about it and as her "friends" from Rotary I thought it would be appropriate for us to support her by attending the luncheon. If you can make it please be there today at noon. She has done a lot of hard work and deserves this recognition and deserves our support.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President-Elect
April 16, 2009
The Old Tymer will not be available to us on Monday, so we will be meeting at the Arts & Events Center again. We have received permission to meet there without charge each week unless there is another paying group that needs the space. There will be a vote on Monday on whether or not to make the College the permanent venue. Also, we will be discussing the Memorial Day breakfast, July 4th breakfast, officers for next year, and volunteer efforts for the bike ride next week. This will be an important meeting to attend, and remember that if you don’t attend you may be elected as a club officer.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
May 18, 2009
I just wanted to send you all a quick note about serving in Rotary. As you may or may not know we are providing breakfast sandwiches at the Sunrise Memorial Day Service again. This is a project we have done since the beginning of the club. Proceeds from the project go towards putting a dictionary in the hands of every third grader in the county.
It is a very simple project and for the most part all we need is your time the night before with a few helping the morning of the event. We will be making breakfast sandwiches to distribute at the event the morning of May 25. Food has been ordered. What we need from you is a commitment of your time the night before to compile the sandwiches. Our plan is to put them together the night before then warm them in the oven the next morning and take them out to the cemetery in coolers, warm and ready to serve. We won't need as many people there that morning.
So, I am asking for your hands in service the night before. Will you take the time to serve and help us put the sandwiches together the night before, Sunday, May 24?  Reply to me by Wednesday, May 20 to let me know that we can count on you.
Now, to those of you who have issue with Rotary always asking for money from you here is your chance to serve in a way that does not involve your pocket book. If you don't like giving your money to our causes then step up to the plate and give of your time. Just know that if you don't give of your time I will likely be asking you to donate in other ways.
Rotary is an organization of service. We are trying to do good in this community. Sometimes that takes a little sacrifice. Think about why you joined Rotary. If you joined to make a difference in this community then renew that commitment by serving and giving to our causes.
I won't harass you for money if you serve, but please understand if you aren't giving of your time I will ask you to provide support in other ways. Our club has the potential to do so much good in the community. We can only accomplish our goals when we band together and pool our resources. Together we can accomplish great things.
There will be many more opportunities to serve this year. Think about how you would like to serve and make a commitment now. Let's make this next year in Rotary an amazing one. You can start by serving next week in our small project.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President-Elect
May 19, 2009
Thanks to all of you who have volunteered to help on Sunday night. Lisa Carr has ordered the food and has agreed to let us use her space to compile the breakfast sandwiches. We will meet at her house (414 E 300 S) at 5:00 on Sunday night. Enough of us will be there that I feel we can finish this task very quickly.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President-Elect
May 27, 2009
Lynn Stevens has asked that we make a really great showing at the Town Hall Meeting with Lt. Governor Herbert. San Juan County is EXTREMELY fortunate to have our next governor visiting the area. We need to insure good numbers and participation at the event. All are encouraged to attend at the Blanding Arts and Events Center this Friday May 29th at 6 P.M-7P.M.
Charlie DeLorme
May 30, 2009
From Clayson Lyman to Tom Powell, Governor - Rotary District 5420
As I mentioned to you on the phone and when we spoke in person today, we need to officially appoint Phil Lyman, Past President of Blanding Rotary Club to be the Governor's Special Representative to charter Monticello Rotary Club. Tony Turk, Blanding Mayor and seasoned Rotarian from past affiliation prior to coming to San Juan County, has agreed to serve with Phil as Associate Governor's Special Rep. The two of them will be our point contacts to get Monticello chartered. Please communicate this to Phil & Toni soonest:
Phil Lyman - Res: 435.678.2009        Ton1 Turk - Res: 435.678.2428
Phil Lyma CPA - 435.678.2411          264 N 300 W
333 South Main Street, Suite 2        Blanding, UT 84511
Blanding, UT 84511
We have a list of 80 prospective members which I will supply to Phil & Ton1.
The following is a suggested letter of invitation that could be sent from you on your official District Governor stationary to our prospects or it could come from Phil and Tony on Blanding Rotary stationary. You, Phil & Toni may want to change the letter to enhance its effectiveness:
Date - (Name & Address of Invitee)
Re:    Monticello Rotary Club
Information Meeting: time-day-date-place
Dear ---------
You are receiving this Letter of Invitation because of your vocation/profession and proven character that we believe will compliment the Monticello Rotary Club and bring you personally great joy and satisfaction as you experience Rotary by making our Rotary Mottoes a key part of your life and the lives of your family members:
The Blanding Rotary Club was chartered four years ago and will be the sponsor of our new Monticello Rotary Club. I have named two seasoned Blanding Rotarians to be my Special Representatives to charter Monticello Rotary:
Phil Lyman - 1st President of Blanding Rotary - home: (435)678.2009, office: (435)678.2411
Toni Turk - Blanding Mayor - home: (435)678.2428, office: (435)678.2791
Phil & Toni will be conducting the upcoming Rotary Information Meeting to which we cordially invite you to attend.
Enclosed herewith find our publication titled: Rotary Basics. It will give you some basic information to help you better understand Rotary. When you attend our Rotary Information Meeting you will learn more and be able to ask any questions you may have.
Rotary is the "Grand-Daddy" of all service clubs. We were founded in 1905 and are the most international of all service clubs with Rotarians numbering 1,217,000 in 33,135 clubs around the world. Our Rotary Foundation provides funds for major humanitarian projects to which Bill Gates of Microsoft recently contributed $385 million.
The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise, and in particular, to encourage and foster:
·         FIRST. The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;
·         SECOND. High ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of worthiness of all useful occupations, and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society;
·         THIRD. The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business and community life;
·         FOURTH. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.
Rotarians live by The Four-Way Test -
Of the things we think, say or do   
·         Is it the TRUTH?
·         Is it FAIR to all concerned?
·         Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?
·         Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
We hope you will attend our Rotary Information meeting at - time - day - date - place.
Yours in ROTARY,
Tom Powel, Governor - Rotary District 5420
May 30, 2009
Brad & Shannon Young    (435)587.3692
P.O. Box 1122
581 West Oakcrest Drive
Monticello, UT 84535
Dear Brad & Shannon,
A more good looking, bright, enthusiastic young couple one would be hard pressed to find. It was a real pleasure meeting you and your children at your home last week.
We have asked Phil Lyman, the first President of the Blanding Rotary Club to be the Rotary District 5420 Governor's Special Representative to charter the new Monticello Rotary Club. He will be working with Toni Turk, Blanding Mayor and a seasoned Rotarian. I have prepared a list of 80 prospective Rotarians that I am sending to Phil & Toni. You, of course, are on that list. They will be inviting you to attend a Rotary Information Meeting along with all the other prospective Monticello Rotarians in the very near future.
Meantime, I invite you to check out a couple of websites that will give you information about Rotary and our Utah Rotary District 5420:
I look forward to the possibility of sharing Rotary "Service Above Self" with you and your family.
Clayson Lyman, Rotary District 5420 New Club Extension Chair & Governor -Rotary District 5300 1991/1992
cc: Phil & Toni - Brad is an Anesthesiologist at San Juan Hospital, Shannon is the only daughter of Randy & Laura Butler
August 6, 2009
Phil Lyman: 
Thanks for sending the info on the banner, etc.  Monte thinks we may be able to do this and he is looking into a company we work with for such custom banners (fringe, tassle, dowel, etc.)  We’ll get specs and a price to you.  We could easily do the page-size banners.   If this works out we will do it for the Club at our cost or less. 
Clay Conway
August 10, 2009
Guy Denton will be presenting to the club at noon at the Arts & Events Center.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
August 24, 2009
Worthy has cancelled the meeting for today. Save all of your energy to meet next week.
Next Monday at noon at the Arts & Events Center our District Governor will be attending and presenting at our meeting. Please plan to attend if at all possible. It will be extremely important to have a good showing. Please email me with any questions.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
August 31, 2010
I am writing to encourage each of you to attend Rotary today. If there is only one Rotary meeting you make it to this year today's should be the one you attend. We are being visited by the District Governor, Gilbert Trujillo. He is the statewide leader of Rotary. I am certain it will be very informative and worth your while to attend.
Today's lunch is being provided by the club. It is chicken fajitas. All proceeds from the lunch will go to support our youth leadership programs and our literacy projects. Please make every effort to attend. I hope to see you all there.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
September 10, 2009
Here is the schedule of meetings for the next three weeks.
Monday 14th – Jared Barrett and students from the San Juan High School Engineering program will be presenting about their program and showing some of their projects to the club.
Monday 21st – Sara Omen from the American Red Cross
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
September 21, 2009
Today we will be meeting at Noon at the Arts & Events Center. Sarah Amon from the American Red Cross will be the presenter.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
September 27, 2009
Because of the Bud Nielson funeral the Rotary meeting to have candidates speak to us was moved to October 5 @ Noon at the Arts & Events Center. We are hoping that each of you can make it - lunch will be provided. We would like you to talk about your platform/reason for running and your vision for the future of Blanding. Can each of make it to the Rotary meeting on October 5. Please let me know if you can make it - thank you so much.
Chris Webb
September 25, 2009
I want to ask for your input about next week's Rotary meeting. Most of our presenters have backed out in order to attend Bud Nielson's funeral. I am thinking several of you may also want to attend. We have already scheduled the presenters to come the following week. We have two options for next week's meeting. We can cancel and let those that desire attend the funeral or we can make next week's meeting our work meeting.
Please reply and let me know what your preference would be. Do you want to have our work meeting a week early or cancel the meeting. Please reply by Sunday by 5:00 so I can make a decision and inform everyone.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
September 27, 2009
After hearing from a large portion of you I have decided to cancel tomorrow's meeting. We will return on October 5. The presentation on the 5th will be all the candidates for city office. It should be very informative and worth your attendance. I hope to see you all there on the 5th.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
October 5, 2009
We are having a special meeting today for Rotary. We will have all 7 candidates for the City of Blanding elections in November. Please attend if at all possible. We will have seven candidates, so I hope we will have more Rotarians than candidates. This will be an excellent opportunity to participate in the democratic process.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
October 5, 2009
We have a great program lined up for today! Please plan on attending. All the candidates for city office have agreed to visit with us. It should be very informative and a great way to participate in the civics of our community. Please do what you can to be in attendance.
Since we will not have a work meeting this month I wanted to make you all aware of a couple of important items that require your attention.
First, we have selected two candidates to attend RYLA in two weeks. RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Academy. This is a great opportunity for the youth we are sending and has been worthwhile for past attendees. The two candidates we have chosen are Josh Meyer and Victoria Black. Our club pays $250 per person for those that we send. It will cost our club a total of $500 to send our two representatives. In the past we have asked for donations from the club members to help offset these costs to the club. I am asking for your assistance now in supporting these two youth. If you can help support them please send your contribution to Jeremy Redd at the City Office. His address there is 50 West 100 South, Blanding Utah 84511.
Next, we will need to find a way to transport the kids home on Saturday October 24. The conference ends at 2:30 that day and they will need a ride home. At this time Carrie can get them to the event when it starts but she cannot return them. If any of you would be willing to pick them up and get them back to Blanding please let me know so I can coordinate with Carrie.
Finally, this is the month we need to finalize our online auction. I have asked that each Rotarian find at least two items for the auction. That can be a service or product of some kind. If you lined something up last year it would be great if you could make similar arrangements this year. We wanted to hold the auction the first week of November. Will each of you please line something up for the auction and have a commitment for that item by October 26th? Then I can go about creating the website and adding images and descriptions prior to going live.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
October 5, 2009
Okay. I jumped the gun a bit. I just heard from Carrie and she can take the students up and back so we do not need a volunteer to help them get home. Thanks for you willingness. I will let you know if we need anything else.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
November 4, 2009
Jeremy Redd:
Please send out the following to the Blanding Rotary Club with the note that reorganization of the Club is the purpose of Monday’s meeting. Thanks!
Phil Lyman and I have been involved with the recent launching of the Monticello Rotary Club. That process has reawakened the potential of Rotary for the Blanding community. Rotary has important roles to play beyond what we are currently doing. It can be the nonsectarian forum to bring all elements of our community together. It can play more of a role in connecting the varied professional fields within our community for the betterment of our community. It can serve to better connect our community with the broader world. It can enlarge our community by a coordinated collaboration to better serve those that need help.
There are several things that need our immediate attention to get our club back on track. The Moab club meets on Monday. The Monticello club meets on Tuesday. It is being suggested that our club meet on Wednesdays. This would resolve the conflict with the County Commissioners meeting. We need to support our current club president by refilling several critical leadership positions. I am suggesting that the past club presidents, including me (I filled the role of the past president in the first administration),  constitute a nominating committee to  recommend to the club a slate of committed candidates to fill the offices of President-Elect, President-Elect Nominee, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Directors of Club Service, Community Service, Vocational Service and International Service. In addition to our meeting day, we need to reevaluate our meeting place and meeting time. We need to discuss additional service needs within our community that need to be supported. Finally, we need to discuss how to recruit into our club more of our community’s leaders.
Let me know your thoughts at your earliest convenience. I would like to get this out to the membership as soon as possible to get Monday on their schedules. Thanks!
Toni Turk
November 5, 2009
The purpose of the meeting on Monday will be a reorganization of the club going forward and discussion about election of officers. Please attend this meeting!
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
November 7, 2009
Re: Monticello Rotary Club
Bruce Adams, President
Lyle Anderson, President Elect
Phil Lowe, President Elect Nominee
Rye Nielson, Sergeant at Arms
Dianne Nielson, Director - Club Service
Gil Trujillo, Governor Rotary District 5420
Tom Powell, Past District Governor 2008/09
Penny Atkinson, Governor Elect 2010-11
See attachment Monticello Rotary Roster of prospective members that I have updated from my more extensive list I gave you Monticello Board Members earlier. Hopefully from this list you can recruit enough Charter Members of Monticello Rotary to meet our target of 30. The minimum number of Charter Members per Rotary International is 20 - if we can Charter with 30 that will be a real accomplishment and a worthy goal.

You have a supply of the Charter List form that each Charter Member must complete. This will make it possible for us to submit the Monticello Rotary Charter Member Roster to R.I. with the other documentation required.
From my attached roster you will note that the first page is a list of those who have attended our meetings to date. As you know, we still have some positions to fill on the Board of Directors: Director - Community Service, Director - Vocational Service, Director - International Service, Secretary, Treasurer. When these positions are filled, we will have 10 people on the Board. This can be increased or changed as you see fit. The Board should meet as often as necessary to get us Chartered soonest. After the Club is Chartered, the Board should meet at least monthly with a prioritized agenda to get the business of the club handled,l assignments made and reports received from those given assignments at the last Board Meeting.
There are a few recommendations I would like to make concerning these open Board positions:
o   Jeremy Hoggard might be considered for Director - Community Service. He is the President of the Chamber of Commerce and seems very community oriented. I grew up with his grandmother Mary Lou Duckett Hoggard - if he is anything like her, he will be a real asset on the Board.
o   Liz Black and her husband Dale, should be considered. Both are super capable - she came to our last meeting, I have spoken a numberof times to
Dale and they have received all the info sent in my four mailouts.
o   Jayne & Spencer Frost have been to all 3 meetings and have been most helpful and attentive.
o   Dr. G.O. Miller has been to 2 of our meetings and may have already given you his application form. His cousin, Stan Miller, is the Executive Director of Provo Rotary where I am a member. I have spoken to Dr. Miller about Stan and it appears Dr. Miller will be a real asset to our Club.
o   Under Club Service, we need a Membership Development Chair with whom Dianne can work to build our club membership. This MemDev Chair should have a committee of at least 1 or 2 other people. As we get our Club ready to Charter, this committee will be very key and important. It may well be  that Lyle or Phil or both should be considered for this committee since they are both very capable of meeting one on one with prospects. In this regard, I would use the "Rotary Basics" publication with all prospects who have not yet seen it. Most if not all those on the Roster should have it from earlier mailings and from attendance at the meetings.
o   Brad Young - I met with him at his home a few months ago and at that time he was quite enthusiastic about Rotary. His brother Tim is a Lion. Brad has been out of town when we had our earlier meetings. A personal visit from one of you Board Members should get him to come on board.
If meeting on Tuesday is not going to be good for Lyle, I suggest you find a day that is best for all the Board Members since it will be very important for all of you to be in attendance as we get the Club going. Both Blanding and Moab meet on Monday. If Moab stays on Monday, maybe you can coordinate with Blanding to find a day to meet that is not the same as either Blanding or Moab - that will make it possible for Rotarians in these 3 clubs to attend any one of the three meetings on separate days.
The meeting location and the meal are going to be important. Meal cost and the meeting environment are very key to productive and "warm fuzzy" Rotary meetings. I spoke to Karen Whipple, Fana Arballo and the Clarks about their facilities. It appears all three are viable.
An early decision needs to be made about dues and induction fee. I have given you some guidelines but that is all they are - you folks should make your own decisions as to what is best for Monticello Rotary. In this regard, Phil Lyman and Tony Turk can give you some good suggestions. They will also be very helpful in other aspects of leadership, projects, club meetings, recruiting, and orientation to Rotary, etc.
As you are well aware, I am most anxious that Monticello Rotary succeeds. Please let me know anything I can do to help move us forward.
Concerning the weekly meetings, initially a good discussion might be held each week on a different aspect of Rotary, ie: the Four Avenues of Service. Also, discussion about sub-committees to serve under each of the 4 Avenues of Service Directors: Club - MemDev, Socials, Meeting Place etc. - The Sergeant at Arms works closely with the Club Service Director to see that the weekly meetings run smoothly and that each club member or prospective member is contacted each week if they do not attend, just to let them know we care and missed them. Vocational Service can include starting an Earlyact Club at the Junior High level and an Interact Club at the High School level. In this regard, Scott Boyle might be recruited to join the club and be the on-campus advisor to the Earlyact Club. At MHS, Scott Shakespeare could be recruited to join the club and be the Interact Advisor at MHS. Since International Service includes The Rotary Foundation with its many programs, it will be important to get the right Director of International and a good Foundation Chair. - See the R.I. website for details on each of the Board Member positions and guidelines on Foundation and the other Avenues of Service; - for District 5420 - see website:
You may want to line up guest speakers as your agenda may allow. A very interesting meeting is when the club members give a "craft talk" - that is, they tell about their vocation, schooling, family, interests, etc. - it gives club members a chance to know more about each other. These craft talks can be 10 to 15 minutes each and can be part of the weekly meeting agenda. In addition, business and professional men and women and community leaders who are club members and non-club members can be invited as guest speakers. One thing to consider early on is a nice, yet inexpensive gift to give to guest speakers other than craft talks by members. The various Rotary supply companies have many such items to choose from. I believe I gave you the list of supply companies, if you need more info let me know.
Please keep me advised of your progress. You ought to consider setting a date for Charter Night - this will be a dinner affair - best dress - to include invites to Blanding and Moab members as well as District leadership. Spouses and other invited guests as well as community dignitaries may also be invited, ie: the Lions Club President and his wife and other key people, like the City Council, County Commissioners, key city and county leaders. Everyone pays their own way - usually the Charter Night will cost from $10 to $40 per person depending on location, menu, etc.   There is work to be done to get all documentation completed and submitted to R.I. soonest so they will be able to approve the new club and arrange to get the charter and other matters handled on their end. Phil and Toni have the documentation required and can work with you in getting it prepared. I am available as you may want to bring me into it.
If each Board Member will take an assigned prospect to bring to club meeting each week, it will not be long before our numbers will be sufficient to reach our goal of 30 Charter Members.
Clayson Lyman
Thursday, October 29, 2009
To:          Monticello Business & Professional Men & Women & Community Leaders
                3rd Meeting -
                Noon - Tuesday, November 3rd
                Monticello City Library
                Luncheon - $5. per person
We have now held two introductory and Rotary information meetings to start Monticello Rotary Club. Our third meeting will be held at the Monticello Library this coming Tuesday (election day) at noon - it will be a luncheon meeting so please bring a five dollar bill.
At this upcoming meeting, the two Rotary District 5420 (covers the State of Utah) Governor's Special Representatives will conduct the election of officers and directors who will form the Board of Directors. In addition, discussion will be held about the duties of each of these Members of the Board and The Four Avenues of Service Committees which provide an opportunity for every Monticello Rotarian to have a good "warm fuzzy" experience in Rotary as he/she reaches out to lift others as HUMANITARIANS in ROTARY.
The two Governor's Special Representatives from Blanding Rotary which is sponsoring Monticello Rotary are: Mayor Toni Turk and Phil Lyman - Charter President of Blanding Rotary. These gentlemen are seasoned Rotarians and are dedicated to making Monticello Rotary a great success. Those who become
CHARTER MEMBERS OF MONTICELLO ROTARY will initiate a program that will be a major asset to the citizens of Monticello, San Juan County, the State of Utah, America and, indeed, people around the world.
This is an opportunity for you and your family to enjoy the fruits of a life of living the Golden Rule because Rotary's motto is: SERVICE ABOVE SELF. You and your family may want to adopt as your family motto the same one my family has followed since 1991: LOOK BEYOND YOURSELF - the Rotary International theme the year Rajendra Saboo from Chandigarh India was R.I. President. That was the year I was District Governor in California so the theme was very meaningful to me and my family. Many "warm fuzzy" family experiences have resulted by our putting these themes into practice in our day-to-day living.
We hope you know how important it is to have a Rotary Club in Monticello. We also hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to participate and become a CHARTER MEMBER. We anticipate that Monticello Rotary will charter before the end of the year. You really should be a part of it, if in fact, you feel an urge to join with Rotarians world-wide in making a positive difference for people here in our town at the base of the blues and around the world.
Herewith find the form titled: Charter List. It is to becompleted by each man or woman who will become a Monticello Rotarian. Please bring it with you to the luncheon meeting this coming Tuesday at Noon at the Monticello Library. Please
feel free to bring a guest or guests whom you know who may also qualify for membership in Monticello Rotary.
November 9, 2009
Dear Rotary Past Presidents,
As you all know, it is not and easy Job to be the Club President. Worthy is doing a fantastic job, but he does not have a President Elect or P.E. nominee, let alone a board to assist him. Toni proposed in our meeting today that our group of past presidents form a nominating committee in an effort to fill the vacancies in our club's board. We have not really used the board before, but a functioning board may be the missing element to re-creating our club. Toni and I met briefly and discussed the following positions. Please look them over and provide any thoughts in support or descent. This is very much a brain storm effort so feel free to throw out suggestions.
In the 4 service areas, we listed several names - the thought was that the first name would be the board member, and the others would be focused on that area as well and would fill in at board meetings as alternates.
Let me know what you think. If this seems good we could nominate them at the next meeting. Then Worthy could get a board meeting planned.
Thanks for your thoughts on this matter!
Phil Lyman
November 16, 2009
I dropped the ball and did not make arrangements for a program today. I was informed well ahead of time that we wouldn't have a program today and just didn't get anything lined up. I don't want to waste your time with only a lunch  and no program so I am cancelling today's meeting. See you all for lunch next week.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
November 23, 2009
We will be meeting today. I hope to see all of you in attendance. Cleal Bradford is coming to present to us. He will be discussing various topics including activities associated with the Blue Mountain Dine, White Mesa, 4 Corners Heritage and the San Juan Foundation.
I am certain it will be an informative meeting and worth your time. Lunch will be provided by the club and will be Subway sandwiches. We will use the proceeds to support our various efforts in service.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
November 23, 2009
There were some technical difficulties in getting the on-line auction lined up. I met with our website guru and worked them out this past weekend but felt it was late enough that it might be wiser to postpone the auction until after Christmas. I am a little worried that we will be competing with people's Christmas agendas if I go live now. Tell me what you think and if I am off my rocker by thinking this. I am thinking that if we delay till the first of the year we won't compete for people's Christmas money and we will have time to line up a few more items.
Please let me know what you think. If you think I am misguided by delaying let me know and I can certainly take it live. Otherwise, I think I will hold off on going live until after Christmas.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
December 3, 2009
There is a conflict with the room we meet in this Monday, December 7. It would normally be our work meeting but since there is a conflict I have decided to cancel our meeting. CEU needs the room for some important meetings with USU and CEU dignitaries. We will plan on getting back together the following week, December 14.
So once again, no meeting this upcoming Monday, December 7.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
December 14, 2009
Our program and our lunch fell through today. I do not have a program or lunch lined up. I am also stuck in a meeting until after 1:00 so I am canceling Rotary again. Sorry.
On another note we need to seriously consider a new day to meet. It just seems that Mondays are not working very well for us. Consider it and let me know if you have a preferred day of the week. We will make a change the first of the year.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
December 21, 2009
We will meet today. We don't have a program lined up but we need to get together to take care of a few things. It would be nice to get a report from Phil and Toni about the potential leadership and future of the club and we need to solidify assignments for the dictionary project.
Our meeting will me a work meeting/holiday luncheon. Please plan on attending.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
December 22, 2009
Well, a lot has happened over the course of the last couple of days. Let me start by informing you all that we now have a President Elect. I am so excited! Please join me in congratulating Lisa Carr for accepting the opportunity to serve as our President Elect. She is going to do such great things and be an incredible asset to our club in her leadership role. Thanks Lisa for accepting the call to serve.
Next, I reviewed the survey results about changing our meeting date and location. There were quite a few votes, so thanks to those that took the time to vote and thanks to Taylor for setting up the survey. The vast majority of votes were for Tuesday. In considering this date I think this will be ideal for our district leadership in that Moab meets on Monday, we could meet on Tuesday, and Monticello is contemplating meeting on Wednesday. 
Therefore, with the help of those in attendance yesterday, I made two decisions. First we will be moving our meetings to Tuesdays starting with the new year. Our first meeting of the new year will be January 12 at noon. Next, we will be moving the location of our meetings back to the Old Tymer. I have contacted them and they will be planning on us going forward on Tuesdays.
So, make note, we are changing meeting days and meeting locations. We will meet on Tuesdays at the Old Tymer Restaurant.
I know it is challenging to find dates and times that match everyone's schedules but I think this new move should afford the majority of us the opportunity to attend regularly and be more active in the club. I will be sending out a new schedule of our program assignments with the change in schedule. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Have a happy holiday season! Enjoy the break and come back strong and ready to serve in January!
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
February 8, 2010
We had a Rotary Board Meeting today to discuss club issues and possible changes. This email will give information arising from that meeting.
1.       The Rotary auction will begin on Tuesday February 16th and run through 5:00 pm on Saturday, March 13th. We have great items for the auction, but there is always room for more. If you have not secured any items for the auction, please do so and get them to Worthy, Lisa or myself before the start of the auction. All money raised will go towards promoting service programs in our community.
2.       We would like to propose a change to the fee structure for the club. Please review this possible change and we will ask for a vote at the meeting on Tuesday.
3.       The expectation for each member of our club is to pay yearly dues, attend weekly meetings and contribute $100 per year to the Rotary Foundation (which comes back to the club later in the form of grants.)
(a)    We would like to add these financial expectations together and have them paid quarterly. We would ask each member to pay $67 per month ($200 per quarter). This will pay for your lunch at the weekly meetings, your dues and Rotary Foundation contribution. Each month your payment will be $40 towards lunch and $27 for the other items. If you are attending meetings you are already paying $40 for lunch each month.
(b)   All the money contributed to the club (including lunch costs) will be tax deductible.
(c)    If you miss a weekly meeting, your lunch payment will be given to the club as a contribution for club projects.
(d)   This will help attendance at our club meetings and help us all fulfill the commitments we have made and would like to make to our community.
(e)   I think we all agree that our club is providing a great amount of selfless service to our others and is an influential force for good. Please let me know if you have any questions, and be prepared to discuss and vote on this proposal at the meeting on Tuesday.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
February 9, 2010
Attending: Jeremy Redd, Chris Webb, Lorin MacKay, Taylor Lyman, Shurrell Meyer, Lisa Carr, Phil Lyman, Kathy Hurst, Donna Singer, Lewis Singer, Tim Chamberlain, Lynn Stevens.
The club voted to change the fee structure. Each member will now be required to pay $200 per quarter starting April 1. This will cover dues, $100 to the Rotary Foundation and meal for club meetings. If you do not attend the meeting the money will become a club donation. Voting was unanimous.
Phil Lyman announced his candidacy for San Juan County Commissioner. The election will be held in November.
Donna Singer presented to the club and spoke about the past, present and future  of Utah Navajo Health Systems. She explained that UNHS now has 13 providers and employs 140 people. They are planning expansion of the Montezuma Creek and Navajo Mountain facilities and now have a total of 4 clinics. She explained that they serve all members of the community and have programs to help people who are uninsured and underinsured. They have 11,000 unduplicated users and 70,000 encounters per year. The information was very worthwhile and informative.
Please view the following link about Rotary efforts in Haiti. Notice the Rotary logo everywhere. It is nice to be reminded of the global reach our organization has, as well as the good we do locally.,32068,64921944001_1960407,00.html
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
February 16, 2010
Attending: Worthy Glover, Kathy Hurst, Jeremy Redd, Clay Conway, Lisa Carr, Toni Turk, Shurrell Meyer, Taylor Lyman, Phil Lyman.
Worthy informed the club about upcoming club business.
The auction for our club is now live. There are currently 21 items on the site with descriptions and pictures. The items are amazing and should bring in a lot of money for our club. All of the items were donated by people and local businesses so 100% of the proceeds will go directly to club service programs in the Blanding area. Please send the link along with information on our club projects to your email list, facebook friends, twitter, etc. This will be the most effective way to get the word out about the auction. Last year we had many people from outside Blanding win items, so please help spread the word. The link is:
The silent auction items are towards the bottom of the page. The auction will end on March 16th at midnight.
Toni Turk told the club about his recent trip to Antarctica, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. He and his wife Barbara are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year and this trip was part of their celebration.
Next week’s meeting (Feb 23rd): Lynn Stevens will be giving an update on the Utah State legislative session that is currently in progress. Please invite anyone you know who has an interest in Utah politics.
March 2nd Meeting: Our club will be honoring Bob McPherson for the service he has rendered to our community. We will also be distributing the dictionaries for club members to take to 3rd graders in San Juan County. Please come and get an assignment to deliver dictionaries to a school. This is one of the fun projects we do that means a lot to children in our area.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
February 23, 2010
Today we have a very interesting program lined up for you. Commissioner Lynn Stevens will give our club an update on the current legislative session and the happenings up on capital hill. It should be very informative. I hope to see you all there.
Our online auction is up and running at If you haven't told your various contacts, associates and friends about this, now is the time. So far we have a total of $755 in bids. My goal is to raise $2000 for the club. With your word of mouth and efforts I believe this is truly possible. The more funds we can raise the less I will have to pester you all for financial support of our various projects.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
February 24, 2010
Attending: Lorin MacKay, Toni Turk, Taylor Lyman, Chris Webb, Carl Flanagan, Kathy Hurst, Shurrell Meyer, Worthy Glover, Lisa Carr, Tim Chamberlain, Lynn Stevens, Clay Conway, Charlie DeLorme, Susan DeLorme, Andrew Dayish, Jeremy Redd.
Worthy invited all club members to participate in stuffing flyers for the rotary auction. The flyers will be mailed to each household in the county and will help advertise the auction items. It will take place at 6:00 am this Saturday (27th) @ Clark’s Market. Any and all help would be appreciated.
Please advertise our auction to your friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Send an email, post on facebook or twitter, etc. The link is The auction is right on the main page. It ends on March 16th at midnight.
Lynn Stevens spoke to the club and gave an update on the progress of the Utah State Legislature. He stated that the constitution mandates that they meet for no more than 45 days and when they are meeting, the life, liberty and property of each citizen is at risk. He gave an overview of many of the bills that could affect San Juan County and their progress. Some of the most important items that affect us are the budget allocation process and the merger between CEU and USU. He spoke at length on these two items and gave the club great information. He also mentioned that jail reimbursements are critical to the County and the proposal to add 200 more beds to the SJ County jail is still being debated and is a very political issue.
The issue of a possible National Monument on Cedar Mesa generated a lot of discussion within the club. Mr. Stevens explained that the entire Utah delegation in congress seems to oppose the designation.
Thanks to Lynn for taking time to speak to the club.
Next Week: We will be recognizing Dr. Bob McPherson for his service in our community. We will also place stickers in and distribute the dictionaries to take to area 3rd graders.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
March 3, 2010
Attending: Phil Lyman, Bob McPherson, Shurrell Meyer, Kathy Hurst, Worthy Glover, Lisa Carr, Jeremy Redd, Chris Webb, Carl Flanagan, Toni Turk, Taylor Lyman, Clay Conway, Lynn Stevens
Phil Lyman introduced Dr. Bob McPherson and presented him with the Rotary Club of Blanding Distinguished Service Award. He read from two books (History of San Juan County and Comb Ridge) that were written by Dr. McPherson about the San Juan County area. The books contain great perspective because he is able to remove himself from the equation and get to the heart of issues without bias. He has produced 52 publications including 10 books.
Dr. McPherson expressed appreciation for the award because he knows each member of the club and has great respect for them and the service performed by the club in the community.
The remainder of the meeting was a work meeting, and the club prepared the dictionaries to take to 3rd graders in the area schools. The dictionaries will be delivered by club members in the next few weeks.
The following is a link of Rotary efforts in Chile following the earthquake:
Next Week: Charlie DeLorme will be providing the program. More information will follow on the topic.
Following Week (March 16th): Kathy Hurst will bring a speaker who will give an update on the archaeological work being done at the White Mesa Mill.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
March 9, 2010
The program from today's meeting will be provided by Susan Delorme. She will be speaking about the Sheriff's Victim Advocacy Program. IT should be a very informative program. I hope to see you all there.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
March 16, 2010
Today Kathy is providing the program. We will have someone present to us about the history of archeology at the White Mesa Mill site, both past and present. It will be very informative. I hope to see you all there.
Today is the ending date for our auction. If you have friends or family that haven't bid yet remind them that time is running out. Thanks to all of you for a successful run. I feel like the auction has gone really well and we are on track to accomplish our goals.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
March 16, 2010
Attending: Toni Turk, Jeremy Redd, Taylor Lyman, Phil Lyman, Lisa Carr, Worthy Glover, Clay Conway, Kathy Hurst, Winston Hurst, Jonathan Till (Abajo Archaeology), Carl Flanagan, Loren McKay, Shurrell Meyer, Dick Snyder, Tim Chamberlain
·         Lisa and Clay will be attending President Elect training this coming weekend.
·         The auction ends tonight at midnight. Last chance to bid on any items.
·         The new District Governor will be attending our club on July 27th @ 7:00 am. It will be the meeting for the week and breakfast will be served instead of lunch.
·         The club is looking for a volunteer to serve as conference chair for the upcoming year. Please contact Lisa if you have interest in serving.
Jonathan Till from Abajo Archaeology spoke to the club about a field project he has been conducting on the Denison Mines property near the White Mesa Mill. He has been in the county since 1993 and has contributed significantly to the archaeology in the County. The Rotary Club was privileged to be the first group to receive information about the project.
Most of the finds in the area are from 800-1200 AD, and sites on the property have been documented and excavated since the late 1970’s. Mr. Till explained that they are working on the first Pueblo II site to be excavated in its entirety in San Juan County. This is exciting because it will give researchers the whole picture rather than the bits and pieces that were available before.
All of the artifacts that are excavated will be archived at the Edge of the Cedars Museum in Blanding. The project is expected to be completed by the end of May 2010. The presentation was very informative to all those who attended. More information will be made available as the project is completed. For more information, visit
 Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
March 21, 2010
You won the bid for Genealogical Reasearch from an accredited Genealogist in the Blanding Rotary Club Auction. Please send your donation in the form of a check or money order for the amount of $201 to the Blanding Rotary Club, attention Jeremy Redd – Treasurer, at 50 West 100 South, Blanding, Utah 84511.
Please reply to this message with information on where we should send your item. Once we receive your payment we will send your item to you or information on how to claim it.
Worthy W. Glover, Jr., President
March 24, 2010
Attending: Ralph Redd, Jacqueline Redd, Clay Conway, Kathy Hurst, Shurrell Meyer, Tim Chamberlain, Worthy Glover, Lisa Carr, Jeremy Redd, Toni Turk, Chris Webb, Taylor Lyman, Phil Lyman
Worthy informed the club that the auction ended with the club earning $2116.00 to use towards service projects in the area. It was a successful fundraiser and continues to grow each week.
Phil Lyman introduced Ralph Redd who is the owner of Providence Global Medical. They manufacture and design ventilators in Blanding. He re-located his business to San Juan County from Cache County a few years ago. One of the ventilators that his company manufactures is used in ambulance and military applications. Another ventilator is used specifically in hyperbaric chambers and is the only product of its kind that actually works. Ralph brought samples of the products that are manufactured in Blanding.
Next Week: Taylor Lyman has invited the “coupon queen” to speak to the club. She will explain the money that can be saved by using coupons. This will be a very good meeting to invite wives to participate.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
April 21, 2010
Attending: Sam Crane, Lorin Mackay, Tim Chamberlain, Shurrell Meyer, Lisa Carr, Kraig Black, Jeremy Redd, Toni Turk, Carl Flanagan, Clay Conway
Lisa informed the club about banners and signs that will be purchased. These will help us connect with other clubs and participate more fully in the Rotary spirit. Toni brought a sample of a banner from a club in Texas.
Shurrell Meyer presented on the membership committee and what she learned about membership at the District Meetings.
Toni explained that he is developing a scouting leadership database for the area. He is looking for people who have attended wood badge or anyone who lives in the area who has received the silver beaver award. If you know of anyone who fits these categories, please contact Toni Turk.
Kraig Black and Sam Crane spoke to the club. They work for Wells Fargo Bank and presented information on economic trends, where they feel interest rates are going, and credit management and budgeting. Thanks to them for their time and the great information presented.
Next week Steve Jensen from San Juan Counseling will be the presenter.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
April 22, 2010
The Monticello Rotary Club is hosting a craft-fair fundraiser tomorrow night. It will be from 5-9 Friday night at the Monticello Fair Grounds. There will be crafts booths, food and music. This might be a great date night and the proceeds will go to support the new club in Monticello.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
May 6, 2010
Attending: Chris Webb, Toni Turk, Shurrell Meyer, Lorin McKay, Taylor Lyman, Kathy Hurst, Sam Crane, Tim Chamberlain, Clay Conway, Lisa Carr
 Reviewed ongoing discussion items:
1.  Trading banners-Size 9" x 7" (picture attached)
 2.  Large banner-to be the same as the trading banners 
 3.  Rotary shirts have been ordered.  The price will be under $25.00 per shirt.  These will be delivered to those who ordered by         Monday so they can be worn on Tuesday to our work meeting at the Rotary fountain.
 4.  The sign up for Rotary license plates was sent around.  This new Rotary license plate will be available after July 1st with an initial cost of $25 and an annual cost of $25 with all proceeds going to the Rotary youth services such as RYLA and youth exchange.
There was a sign up because the state of Utah needed a commitment from so many members to be able to order the plates that will be printed.  Look for those plates next time you renew your license plates.
 5.  District conference registration forms were distributed.  This conference will be held on May 14-15 in St. George.  Registration forms can be found on the District 5420 web site  You can also register on site if you wish. 
 6.  RYLA applications were discussed.  It was the consensus of the group to send the two applicants that were selected by the Interact club.  Morgan Glover and Wheeler Heck will be the two students to attend RYLA in the fall.
 6.  The 2010-11 budget was reviewed.  Items such as  new membership kits, signs and banners were discussed in detail.  Toni made a motion to approve the budget which was seconded by Sam.  The motion carried.  The budget is attached for your review.
 7.  Clay has agreed to be the program chair for the coming year.  He distributed a paper showing monthly themes for the weekly meetings.  His idea is to have one speaker a month dedicated to "The spirit of Rotary".  The other two or three weeks will be reserved for community guest speakers.  He is asking that all club members assist in coming up with the weekly programs as it has been done this year.  We will continue to have a work meeting on the first Tuesday of every month.  Thanks Clay for accepting that assignment and to all others who have accepted assignments thus far.
 8.  The Rotary sign for the fountain has been ordered from John Patterson.  Our next meeting (May 11) will consist of installation of the sign.  Please meet at the Blanding Visitors Center at noon on May 11th.  Come prepared to help pour cement or clean up and weed the Rotary Fountain area.  If you have a Rotary shirt please wear it.  If you have ordered one, it will be delivered to your home by Monday evening, so you can wear it on Tuesday.  Be prepared to work hard and have some fun too.  A meal will be provided at the Visitor Center park pavilion. 
 Lisa Carr, President-Elect
May 14, 2010
Tuesday's meeting went really well, despite the cooler weather.  We ate our lunch inside at the Blanding Visitors Center then went outside and cleaned up the park where the fountain is.  We wore our Rotary shirts even though they were covered up by our coats or jackets.  The sign was not ready to install, so we cleaned and decided exactly where to put the sign.  The clock has been repaired and will be reinstalled soon, as will our Rotary sign.  Thanks to Kathy, Phil, Clay, Toni and Chris who attended the clean up project. 
Lisa Carr, President-Elect
May 17, 2010
For the Rotary meeting tomorrow we will be back at the Old Tymer resturaunt.  Tim has arranged for Taylor Palmer to update us on the Blanding area Travel Counsel and his cabinet, retail business. 
Lisa Carr, President-Elect
May 20, 2010
Attending: Jeremy Redd, Lisa Carr, Kathy Hurst, Shurrell Meyer, Sam Crane, Carl Flanagan, Tim Chamberlain, Toni Turk, Phil Lyman, Loren McKay
Guests Attending: Pat & Clayson Lyman, Jim Garmhousen, Taylor Palmer.
Clayson Lyman from Rotary District informed the club that the Monticello club will hold their chartering banquet on June 16th. He invited all who can to attend the dinner. More details will follow.
Tim Chamberlain introduced Taylor Palmer who is a Blanding business owner and also represents the Blanding Area Travel Council. The Travel Council is a newly formed group that has taken over the duties of the Chamber of Commerce and is promoting Blanding and the surrounding area. They have built brochure kiosks and placed them in the Visitor Center and local motels. ½ of the spots in the kiosks have been sold to local businesses for advertising to those who are passing through the area. He explained that the City of Blanding and San Juan County have donated money to the group to help with printing brochures that include a map of the area with the things to do nearby.
Taylor also owns an art gallery, cabinet shop and produces custom furniture and knives. He has been in business close to 40 years in Blanding and is now also doing general contracting work.
Phil Lyman asked the club to consider help for Emil Romero and his church. They are in need of landscaping and roofing help on their chapel. If you have any ideas or resources, please contact Phil.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
June 10, 2010
Here are the minutes from the June 8, 2010 meeting.
 Attending: Kathy Hurst, Shurrell Meyer, Tim Chamberlain, Chris Webb, Lisa Carr
 Today's meeting was a work meeting as we discussed the 4th of July celebration events.  We will have a Rotary float for Rotary and Interact members to ride on.  Jon Hunt came to ask the Rotary club to help with the Mayor's prayer breakfast on the morning of the 3rd of July.  If any of you would like to help at the breakfast by mixing, cooking or serving pancakes and other items, please let me know.  We need 8 volunteers from our club.  You will need to be there at 7:15 am. 
Senator David Hinkins and Christine Watkins will be at the celebration again, also a dignitary from the National Guard as the from Blanding will be deploying on July 7th. 
Those in attendance filled out an information sheet to be used in the coming year.  The form is attached so if you want to download it and fill it out that will save you from doing it at Rotary club.  Either email it back or bring it to the club meeting. 
We heard that Sam Crane is taking a new job in Moab at a credit union.  We will miss him, but will welcome the new branch manager at Blanding Wells Fargo to the club.  Also Carl Flannigan has moved to take a new job.  Thanks gentlemen for your input to the club.

Toni Turk and Charlie DeLorme are on vacation and Clay Conway is working in Mexico, but is able to communicate by phone or email and will be contacting some of you to help set up programs for next year.  
We look forward to next weeks meeting when Robert Turk will be in charge of the program.  He is attending the Boy Scout Order of the Arrow Teepee camp at Blue Mountain this week.
Lisa Carr, President-Elect
June 10, 2010
As many of you may have heard I have accepted the position of Vice President of Lending with Eastern Utah Community Credit Union. I start my new position with them on Monday. For the moment I will be transferring my Rotary membership to the Moab Rotary Club where I will have my office.
I have really enjoyed being a part of the Blanding Rotary Club and am excited about the great things going on in this community. You are a great force for good in serving this community and I see how each of you care about what is going on. Thank you for your friendship. Please feel free to contact me on my cell phone at 435-210-0737 or email me at if you need anything. I would be glad to help a fellow Rotarian in any way I can.
Sam Crane
June 14, 2010
Blanding Rotary Club members,
Monticello Rotary is holding their Charter Night this Wednesday June 16.  They would love to have anyone from the Blanding club attend and celebrate with them.  They would like to thank us for our support in helping them get on their feet and established as the Monticello Rotary Club.  They look forward to working with the Blanding Club in projects that can benefit this area and San Juan County as a whole.    Below is the invitation that they wanted me to pass along to all of you.  Please RSVP to the number listed below.  They will be ordering off the menu so dinner is not a problem but the restaurant is asking for a total for seating and to be prepared for us as a group.  We do hope to see many of you at this big event.  DETAILS AND INVITIATION BELOW!!
Lisa Carr, President-Elect 
 The Monticello Rotary Club cordially invites you and your partner to attend our Club Charter Night. This much anticipated event will bring the world's most international service club to Monticello and will bless the lives of the people  in this community. Rotary Clubs are noted for their many service outreach projects at home and throughout the world.  We are all excited to be a part of this effort.
7:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 16, 2010
K&A Chuckwagon - 496 North Main in Monticello         
Note: this is an outdoor covered venue - bring a sweater or jacket
The Dress is Business Casual
Your choice - meals range from $9.50 to $15.00 we will be ordering off the menu
Please RSVP to 435.587.3166 or by Tuesday, June 15th
Please Join Us for A Wonderful Evening of Food, Entertainment and Sharing in Our Excitement as we usher in Our Charter Rotary Club.
June 15, 2010
Just a reminder of our Rotary meeting at noon today at the Old Tymer.  Robert Turk will be the presenter and he will be filling us in on all of the Scouting camps and activities that are going on within the San Juan district.  It should be very informative since many of our children and grandchildren benefit from the leadership and knowledge of so many volunteers like Robert.
Lisa Carr, President-Elect 
June 15, 2010
Attending: Lisa Carr, Tim Chamberlain, Jeremy Redd, Toni Turk, Robert Turk, Shurrell Meyer, Phil Lyman, Lorin MacKay
Monticello will be having their charter dinner this Wednesday night at K&A Chuckwagon in Monticello. Everyone is welcome to attend.
The July 3rd breakfast is looking for volunteers. If you are willing and available to volunteer to help with breakfast, please contact Lisa Carr so she can get a count.
Phil informed the club about the rock art symposium that will be in Blanding on October 8-11. The Blanding Area Travel Council is helping coordinate the event that will bring about 200 people to the area for the week. There will be field trips to rock art sites and lectures.
Tim informed the club that Roteract club from Northern Utah is interested in coming to Blanding to provide service.
Robert Turk spoke to the club and updated everyone on the Hole-in-the-rock treks and scouting events in the area. He displayed the medallions that were made in the 80’s as well as the new one made recently.  He explained that there has been extensive scouting in the area including Order of the Arrow. He told the club about a new OA scout camp on Mustang Mesa that is gaining notoriety.
Toni Turk informed the club that this is the centennial of scouting and encouraged club members to consider a $1,000 donation to the Utah National Parks Council endowment. It will be matched with another donation to allow for 2 James E. West awards. These can be for any two people you choose. Contact Toni Turk if you are interested in making a donation.
Jeremy Redd, Treasurer
July 5, 2010
Thank you so much for your help at the Mayor's prayer breakfast.  Everything went so smoothly that it was just fun.
Thanks to those of you who brought your spouses to help as well.  We appreciate your efforts and theirs too.
Also thanks to Clay and Clayton for riding on the float with us.  That was a rush.  I hoped you all liked how it turned out.  Did anyone get pictures of the float?
See you all tomorrow at the Old Tymer at noon for our Utah Rotary Birthday bash.

 Lisa Carr, President
July 6, 2010
Today's meeting was a celebration for the beginning of a new Rotary year.  This is the 100th birthday of Rotary in Utah.
 In attendance:  Robert Turk, Toni Turk, Jeremy Redd, Phil Lyman, Lisa Carr, Shurrell Meyer, Clay Conway, Worthy Glover, Kathy Hurst
 We sang (Yes, we did!) the National Anthem and Phil Lyman offered an opening prayer.
 Lisa introduced the Rotary theme for this year:  "Building Communities and Bridging Nations."  She read a message from the new president of Rotary International.
 Clay Conway told us about the history of Rotary in Utah.  The SLC Rotary Club was the 7th club in the United States.  It was begun in 1911 after some controversy about antagonistic factions in Utah was overcome.
 We all received membership kits and Blanding Rotary Club banners.  Our new club banner was hanging in the room.  Very nice!
 Thanks to everyone who helped with the Mayor's breakfast and the Rotary float.
 Jeremy will be sending invoices to all members for the first quarter of this Rotary year.  Dues are $200 per quarter. 
 Upcoming events:  Clayson Lyman will speak to us on July 20.  On July 26 Peggy Atkinson will meet with us at 8:30 a.m.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.  So far, Clay doesn't have anything planned for next week.  If you know of a program that should be presented, please let him know (
 We sang (Again!) happy birthday and ended with birthday cake and ice cream.
 Lisa Carr, President
July 7, 2010
Rotarians, the Rotary International sign aka the fountain sign is completed and ready for installation, we will meet at the fountain park at 8 o'clock Saturday morning to do this tasks. Please wear your Rotary shirts, for we will be taking pictures.

Lisa Carr, President
July 12, 2010
I promised at the last meeting that I would forward the Utah district rotary website link to you.  Gov. Penny has informed us that it is up and ready to access now.  The web address is www.utahrotary.cpm.  Please bookmark this on your favorites and use it often.  It has valuable information and it is pretty cool and fun to use.

Lisa Carr, President
July 12, 2010
Here are the speaker programs for the rest of July.  I intend to get more information to you on the speakers and their topics as time goes on: 
Tuesday July 13.  Craig Stanley.  He is considering whether to talk about Clarks Market and its operations and benefits to the Blanding Community; the volunteer fire department, or some combination.  He is a man familiar with giving service and thus should be a good speaker for Rotary. 
Tuesday July 20.  Clayson Lyman.  Monticello native, grandson of Blanding Founder Albert R. Lyman, Clayson has lived in many parts of the world and was active in Rotary for many years.  He served as district president some years ago in California.  He now lives in Orem and is a charter member of the Monticello Rotary Club. 
Monday July 27, 8:30 a.m. Penny Atkinson, President of District 5420 (State of Utah), July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011.  If I have it straight, Penny will meet with the Blanding Rotary Board from 7:30 to 8:30 and then will speak to the entire club starting at 8:30.  [She will visit Monticello at noon and Moab in the evening the same day.  She will visit every club in Utah in the first few months of her presidential year.]  If this is not quite right Lisa can straighten me out and we’ll get out a correction.  Penny is Utah’s 100th President and its first woman president.  She oversaw the PETS training in February and is a great lady.  Her husband, Kelly, was President of the Utah district 3-4 years ago.     
We are working on some speakers for future months – with emphasis on theme for each month.  Lisa has already passed out the themes at a recent Rotary meeting.  I’ll also e-mail them out later.  I’ll consult regularly with Lisa on this and also with club members.  Please submit suggestions for programs – they are invited at anytime.
Clay Conway, Program Chairman
July 14, 2010
In attendance:  Robert Turk, Toni Turk, Lisa Carr, Kathy Hurst, Craig Stanley, Chris Webb, Jeremy Redd, Phil Lyman.
Last week I misquoted the new theme for this year.  The new theme is "Building Communities, Bridging Continents."  We repeated the new theme in place of the Four Way Test in order to better familiarize ourselves with it. 
Robert Turk has accepted the assignment as Sergeant at Arms.  We should all expect to hear from him during the coming year as he implements some new ideas and procedures.
We have a new Paul Harris Fellow in our group:  Robert Turk.  Congratulations!  Lisa presented him with a plaque.
Tuesday evening Lisa and Robert will finish the fountain sign.  Be sure to look for it as you drive by.
Craig Stanley was our guest presenter for the day.  He came to talk to us about some of his volunteer positions in the community, and we learned some interesting things about him and the organizations he works with.
Craig came to Blanding because he married a "Blanding girl," Sherry Hunt Stanley.  They met because Sherry was a friend of Craig's twin brother's wife.  When they first came to town, it was to manage the Patio Drive-in, which they did for two years, until it was sold.  Craig has lived in Blanding for 23 years now, during which time he has held several jobs, including trucking, working at the mill, and then working at Parley Redd Foodtown.  He eventually became the manager when Clarks Market purchased the store.  He has been in the grocery business for twenty years now.  His organization, which includes Clarks Market, Canyon Country and A&W, is the third largest employer in San Juan County.  He says he loves Blanding and he's happy his wife was so persuasive about moving here.
Craig serves with several community volunteer organizations:
He's been a member of the Blanding Fire Department for 23 years.  His first experience was when he just happened to be with Danny Flannery when the fire department was called.  He went with Danny, got hooked, and he's been volunteering ever since.  He remembers the first rescue truck they used, which the volunteers called the "Hacksaw of Life."  He remembers the first set of "Jaws" they got.  He remembers when they all got their first First Responder course and the first EMT classes.  He was among the first group of intermediate EMT's in Blanding.  Craig says Blanding needs more volunteer fire fighters, so let him know if you're interested.  They meet every Thursday evening for training.
Craig was a member of the EMT ambulance drivers for a time, but eventually had to give that up to give more time to his growing family.
He has been a member of San Juan County Search and Rescue since it was started. 
Thanks to Craig for all he does for our community and county.  It was fun and interesting to get to know him a little better.
Kathy Hurst, Secretary
July 19, 2010
Please check the website for updates about club officers and upcoming meetings and events.  Also look for more changes in the near future on this website.  We're paying to have it maintained, so let's use it.
Thanks and we'll see you tomorrow. 
Lisa Carr, President
July 20, 2010
Lisa has just sent out a message inviting everyone to check the website where she has posted the next speaker, Clayson Lyman, past Rotary District Governor in California, Monticello native, and now charter member of the Monticello Club.  Clayson also serves as the Senior Leader for the Assistant Governors for the Utah District. 
We plan to get a calendar set up on the website where Tuesday programs and other events can be posted well in advance.    
In the meantime here is the developing program schedule for the noon Tuesday meetings:
July 20.  Clayson Lyman, speaker 
               Community Service Award – Neil and Becky Joslin  
July 26.  District Governor Penny Atkinson.  [Monday morning, 7:30 board meeting, 8:30 regular meeting.]
August 3.  Business meeting
August 10.  Entertainment by and meeting with Monticello Rotary Club   
Would you like to present at a meeting or do you have suggestions for a speaker?  Please let me know. 
Clay Conway, Program Director 
July 20, 2010
Blanding Rotary Club met at 12:00 on July 20, 2010
In attendance:  Clayton Long, Toni Turk, Elaine Borgan, Jennifer Colangelo (Co-CEO of Lickety Split and a guest of Elaine), Taylor Lyman, Clay Conway, Lisa Carr, Ivan Carr, Shurrell Meyer, Clayson Lyman, Kathy Hurst, Tim Chamberlain, Lorin MacKay.
Business:  Elaine Borgan presented the club with some Rotary banners from Belgium.  She announced that two students (16 year old girls) from Germany will be visiting Blanding in August.  If you know of activities that could include them, please let Elaine know.  She'd like them to have a great experience while they're in San Juan County.  Both girls speak English.  Family outings, group outings, hikes, 4-wheeling, anything that would be fun and give the girls some "Southwest" experiences.
Presentation:  Clayson Lyman presented some ideas about recruiting new members to Rotary Club and maintaining the members we have.  Shurrell Meyer is our membership recruiting chairman.  We should all be thinking about people we know who would be a good fit for Rotary Club.  Let Shurrell know.
Remember next week we will be meeting on Monday morning.  Board meeting at 7:30.  Regular meeting at 8:30 a.m.  See you all then.
Kathy Hurst , Secretary
July 26, 2010
I'm supposed to be sending this email from our new web site, but I'm having a little trouble figuring it all out, so this week we'll still use my email.  I'll try to do better by next week.
In attendance:  Kelly Atkinson, Penny Atkinson, Lisa Carr, Phil Lyman, Jeremy Redd, Worthy Glover Sr., Buddy Redd, Andrew Dayish, Clay Conway, Shurrell Meyer, Kathy Hurst, Ivan Carr, Elaine Borgan.
Worthy Glover Sr. sang the "Four Way Test" song for us.  Thank you, Worthy.
Presentation:  Penny Atkinson, District President of Rotary (43 clubs in Utah District) introduced herself.  Penny and her husband Kelly live in Tooele.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in finance and a Master's Degree in business administration.  She has been a member of Rotary since 1998.  Penny is the mother of two and the grandmother of five.  Her family has hosted many Rotary exchange students over the years, and she is also the grandmother of several "Rotary Exchange Grandchildren."  She is extremely excited about her year as District President.
Each year the spouse of the District President has a pet project.  Kelly Atkinson spoke about his pet project of Rotary license plates.  Special Utah license plates can be purchased by Rotarians to benefit the youth of Utah, specifically Rotaract, Interact, RYLA and Rotary Youth Exchange.  The first year you sign up for license plates, it will cost an extra $40.  That covers the administrative cost of $15 and contributes $25 to the Rotary cause.  Each year after that, it will cost an extra $25 to register your car.  The entire $25 goes directly to Rotary youth projects.   We need at least 750 statewide for the first license plates to be stamped.  If you haven't already signed up and you'd like to, contact Lisa and let her know.
Penny Atkinson continued with her presentation.  This year Rotary can be, "Bigger, Better, Bolder," and she told us how, using the "Eight Out of the Gate" plan. 
She highlighted the Rotary Foundation goal of eliminating polio worldwide.  That has been Rotary International's goal for several years, and right now there are only four nations in the world with polio:  (PAIN)  Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and Nigeria are the only nations where polio still exists.  India hasn't had a new case in over six months now.  We should all live to see polio wiped out.  Bill Gates gave Rotary over $300 million dollars for the cause and asked us to match with an additional $200 million.  Utah has been assessed $245,000.  Penny would like us to have that money raised by this fall, and each member has been asked to contribute $100.  That has been included in our invoice as a voluntary contribution. 
Rotary makes a difference in Utah and the world.  We should all be proud to be part of such a great organization.  And this year can be "bigger, better, and bolder." 
Thank you, Penny, for joining us and sharing your enthusiasm and spirit.   
Check out our web site for upcoming programs.  It's at
Kathy Hurst, Secretary
August 3, 2010
Today's Rotary meeting will be a work session.  Shurrell will lead us in a discussion about membership and Lynn Stevens has consented to lead a discussion about local projects. 
Please come with some ideas of things you want to see happen and people you would like to see as potential members.  Also we will be voting on the Bylaws.  I hope you have had a chance to look through those.
Lisa Carr, President
August 5, 2010
Present: Lynn Stevens, Robert Turk, Toni Turk, Jeremy Redd, Tim Chamberlain, Lisa Carr, Shurrell Meyer, Kathy Hurst, Clay Conway, Elaine Borgan, Charlie DeLorme, Phil Lyman</p>
·         The Fourth of July Committee sent a “Thank You” for our participation in the breakfast at the celebration.
·         Those present were invited to take a 2010-11 Rotary pin. Penny Atkinson forgot to hand them out last week, so she left them for us. If you missed the meeting, be sure to get your pin from Lisa.
·         Discussion and vote on the by-laws:
(a)    Discussion about the attendance requirement: RI rules state that regular attendance is required. We have several members who are unable to attend regularly. There are several ways to make up for non-attendance, and ultimately it is up to the local board. We should be aware of attendance and make up for missed meetings.
(b)   Discussion about the number of directors. It was suggested and approved that we should change the number of directors from eight to four.
(c)    The by-laws were approved.
Shurrell Meyer led a discussion about recruitment of new members:
Shurrell distributed a letter for all of us to look at. It was a letter from Penny Atkinson inviting new people to join Blanding Rotary. It was determined that we would prefer a letter from someone local, like our own president. It could be followed up with a letter from the District Governor expressing thanks and congratulations after the person actually joins Rotary.
Shurrell passed around a paper and asked members to suggest potential Rotarians.
After the Board approves the list, members are encouraged to bring interested people to a meeting as our guest.
We already have a list of potential members. Several members agreed to sponsor people on our existing list. The board will discuss and approve the list at their next meeting.
Lynn Stevens led a discussion about possible local projects. We were reminded of projects we have done in the past and discussed potential new projects:
·         Montezuma Creek mental health facility
·         Partnering with other clubs like Park City to help them contribute to our area
·         Water contamination in the oil field areas
·         Swinging Bridge in Bluff
·         A local family in need of help
·         A local congregation
·         Tessa's Hope - discussion about resurrecting the project
Kathy Hurst, Secretary
August 12, 2010
Attending: Robert Turk, Toni Turk, Jeremy Redd, Lisa Carr, Clay Conway, Phil Lyman, Shurrell Meyer, Tim Chamberlain, Worthy Glover, Kathy Hurst
The new member letter will be mailed by September 14. You will likely be asked to contact someone.
Check out the web site at to see what the upcoming meetings will be.
If you have picture of any Rotary events, we would like to have them to jazz up the web site.
Phil Lyman gave a presentation on Financial Planning. It would be impossible to relay all the good information Phil gave us. Besides, sometimes I got so busy listening that I forgot to take notes. Here are a few highlights:
 A good financial plan is like a three-legged stool: (1) pension plan (2) savings and investments (3) Social Security
When Social Security became law, life expectancy was 68 years, and people usually worked until age 65. There have been many changes to the law since then. For instance, the minimum age has lowered to 62 and basic health care has been included in the plan. It may be that Social Security as we know it will be over by 2042. We can't really depend on this leg of the stool.
When you save for your retirement, inflation is a bit of a double whammy. Costs go up, and your money is worth less. However, if you save just a little every month, it is amazing how powerful compound interest can be. Manhatten Island was purchased for about $24. Now it is worth $186 billion. That's only 6.37% interest. Begin saving as soon as possible.
Investments are an excellent choice, but be careful of scams. Utahns tend to be a little too trusting. We lead the nation in fraud because we trust our friends and neighbors. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Toni Turk made the comment that the world is divided into two kinds of people: those who pay interest and those who earn interest. We need to try to be in the second group.
Phil reminded us to look at the Rotary creed when thinking of our finances: Is it true? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it promote good will and better friendships? Is it beneficial to all concerned?
Kathy Hurst, Secretary
August 24, 2010
Present: Elaine Borgen, Taya Manygoats, Toni Turk, Lisa Carr, Tim Chamberlain, Kathy Hurst, Arlen Borgen, Kathren Porero, Daniela Pangerl, Charlotta Lacy, Lucille Hunt.
Business: Lisa made a little neck banner to hold our pins.  Pick one up if you'd like to have one to keep your pins on.
Pennies for Polio:  Be sure to bring your pennies for polio each week.  Lisa has a huge bottle for us to collect them in, and she's going to organize a little contest between us and Interact and Rotaract.  This is one of the ways we will use to raise our share of the District polio money.  Let's see how many pennies we can collect next week (and every week thereafter).

Also, Lisa made signs for us to put on containers to place around town to collect pennies.  Pick up a sign and place a container in a good spot of your choice.  Then monitor the container and collect the pennies periodically.  Bring them to our meetings.
Two Little Drops:  Lisa showed us an article about a nurse in Anaheim who found a book to read to children who were taking polio drops.  She saw the opportunity to make a difference by having the book translated into several languages to share with children around the world.  We can all look for opportunities to make a difference.
Program: Elaine Borgen brought exchange students from Germaany and Bavaria.  Kathren Porer and Daniela Pangerl used their excellent English to tell us about their countries and share their experiences as exchange students in the United States.  They have spent three weeks in San Juan County as guests of the Borgens. Taya Manygoats spent two weeks in Germany with their families.  What a great opportunity.
Lisa Carr presented Kathren and Daniela with Blanding Rotary banners to take back to the Rotary Clubs in their towns.
Kathy Hurst, Secretary
August 26, 2010
In the meeting on Tuesday, I introduced our campaign of Pennies to end Polio.  I brought samples of a jar and a can that I had covered to act as a display as the donation collectors.  I have since contacted Jon Hunt who is in charge of the cannery and asked him about getting some sealed, empty cans that we can put the labels on and place in various businesses for people to drop their pennies (or other money) into and it.  He said he would make those up for us and donate the cost of them to our project and have them ready by tomorrow.  That's what happens when you help someone, they are more likely to help you back.
Anyway, a few of you took the labels already, so if you want one of these cans to put you labels on, just let me know and I can get them to you.  Also if you want a can with a label on it to display at your business, let me know and I will bring them around.  We are going to challenge Interact and Rotaract to a contest to see who can raise the most pennies (money), so we will need all of your help to win.  Win for the cause of eliminating Polio.
Lisa Carr, President
August 31, 2010
Jeremy Redd, Chris Webb, Elaine Borgen, Susan DeLorme, Charlie DeLorme, Lisa Carr, Shurrell Meyer, Kathy Hurst, Andrew Dayish, Phil Lyman.
·         Andrew Dayish, Rotaract President, reported that orientation at the college went well yesterday.  They have 25 new recruits, and their first meeting will be held next Wednesday, September 8, at noon.  Andrew is still looking for a location.
·         Pennies-to-End-Polio.  Lisa Carr brought new cans with the signs glued on.  Jon Hunt donated the cans with sealed lids.  Take a can or two and put it in your business.  Lisa announced a contest between Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact. 
·         Next week is our new member meeting.  Letters will be sent, and you will be asked to contact some people about coming to the meeting.
·         We need to get dictionaries ready for the Wally Brown meeting on September 14. 
Charlie and Susan Taylor told us about the anticipated new pedestrian bridge that will replace the old swinging bridge in Bluff.
In 1957, oil field companies got together to build a bridge across the San Juan River at Bluff.  They needed workers, and they built a suspension bridge to access the Navajo employment base there.  At that time, the "swinging bridge" cost between $20,000 and $30,000 to build.  No one actually owned the bridge, and there was no legal right-of-way.  They simply conceived of the project and "got 'er done."
The bridge did much more than allow workers to come across the river to work in the oil fields.  It provided the first opportunity for many Navajo children to attend school and for families to get medical attention at St. Christopher's Mission.  At that time, it was the only way to cross for many miles in all directions. 
When the bridge was destroyed by a hundred year flood, important ties were severed.  But in today's world, it's not so simple to rebuild the swinging bridge.  Expenses are higher, liability is an issue, and many Federal regulations must be met.   
According to Charlie, there are only two remaining engineers who will design a suspension bridge.  Engineering and construction would exceed $2.5 million.  A pedestrian bridge is much more practical and affordable.
Over $125,000 has been raised and used to accomplish the preliminaries.  The engineering is done and the necessary clearances and rights of way are in place.  Construction, the next step, will cost about $800,000.   Senator Bennett is hoping for an earmark to legislation that would provide $850,000.  There are local fundraising efforts in the community.
Although it would be fun to have another "swinging bridge," Charlie says, "We can't go home."  There are, however, advantages to a pedestrian bridge.  Emergency personnel, such as law enforcement, fire fighters, and EMS, will have the ability to remove a post and make it possible to transport with vehicles across the bridge.  Bicycles will have access via a ramp, and of course it will be handicap accessible. 
Construction must be accomplished between November 1 and March 15, in order to avoid causing environmental problems.  When the funds become available, everything is in place to begin construction.
Blanding Rotary voted to contribute $100 to the cause.
Kathy Hurst, Secretary
September 7, 2010
Jeremy Redd, Phil Lyman, Shurrell Meyer, Kathy Hurst, Lisa Carr, Tim Chamberlain
Our membership meeting has been moved back to October 5.  Letters will be sent to prospective members who have a sponsor in the club.  Shurrell passed a list around for people to sign up to sponsor a prospective member.  If you sign, you agree to fulfill the "sponsor responsibilities."  After the letter is sent, you will contact the person and invite them to the October 5 meeting.  You will then remind them about the meeting and invite them to attend with you.  After the October meeting, you agree to follow up to see if they want to join. 
RYLA update by Phil Lyman.  Students will leave Thursday to attend RYLA.  We are sending Wheeler Heck, Morgan Glover, and Audrey Latrell.  Phil is finalizing transportation arrangements.
We put stickers in the dictionaries to be distributed to the third grade students in San Juan County.  We also assigned people to specific schools:
Blanding Elementary:  Jeremy and Chris
Bluff Elementary:  Charlie
Mexican Hat Elementary:  Phil
Aneth/Montezuma Creek:  Wally Brown
Navajo Mountain:  Kathy
Monticello Elementary and LaSal will be covered by the new Monticello club this year.
Kathy Hurst, Secretary
September 13, 2010
Just a reminder to attend the Rotary meeting tomorrow, we have a special guest joining us.  Wally Brown of Utah Rotary will be our special guest speaker. He will have a PowerPoint presentation on literacy and the dictionary program
 See you all there.
Lisa Carr, President
September 14, 2010
Lisa Carr, Shurrell Meyer, Kathy Hurst, Jeremy Redd, Jeremy Lyman, Wally Brown
The new member meeting has been changed to October 5.  Shurrell will be sending letters to prospective members.  Those of us who have agreed to sponsor people will need to contact them and accompany them to the meeting on October 5.  We will provide lunch for prospective new members.
Wally Brown talked to us about literacy and the dictionary project.
The Dictionary Project began with a woman in South Carolina, and it has spread worldwide.  Last year in Utah 100% of the schools were visited  and dictionaries were presented to the third grade students.
There are 800 million illiterate people worldwide.  65% of them are women.  Rotary is trying to help with this enormous problem.  We can all be looking for opportunities.  Sometimes the way to help may surprise us:
A Rotarian in Cedar City visited India, where she visited a Rotary Club.  While there, she asked if there was something Cedar City Rotary Club could do to help literacy.  The answer was to build restrooms in elementary schools.  It turns out that not having restrooms in school is especially problematical for young girls.   Boys can deal with it much easier than girls.  Often times girls drop out of school rather than sacrifice their modesty.  The Cedar City club researched the problem and found that for $250 they could build three restrooms in a school.  They needed three because the teachers would take over the first one, the boys would take the second one.  The third restroom could finally be used by girls so they didn't have to drop out of school.   So....  bathrooms can be a literacy project.
Wally gave us many alarming statistics about the problems of illiteracy worldwide and locally.  He told us about some things we might consider doing locally.
We could give appropriate books to day care centers.
We could donate books to jails and prisons.  "Books Inside" is an example of this project.  In his club, every first meeting of the month, members bring their used books to be donated to jails and prisons.
"Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortensen is a great book to read.  Learn more at
He suggested stamping the 4-way test on the bookplates when we give our dictionaries.  He will email Kathy the file he uses to print on labels.
"Andy and Elmer's Apple Dumpling Adventure" is another project.  Check it out at
He suggested that we work toward the District Literacy Award.  
Thank you, Wally Brown, for a great meeting. 
Kathy Hurst, Secretary
September 20, 2010
Shurrell has sent out, via mail, the prospective member letters and has asked me to send the attached list to you all to make sure you will contact those you signed up to be a sponsor for.  This is very important that they are contacted within a few days from now as they will be anxiously waiting to see who has recommended them as a potential Rotarian.  We will be calling those who have signed up to see how it went and to find out who is agreeable to come to the actual membership meeting where we present what Rotary is held on October 5th.  You should also invite them to Rotary on that day and let them know their lunch will be covered. 

Shurrell only sent letters to those that had sponsors, so if you still want to sponsor someone that is not on the list, you should contact me or her by email and let us know. That way she would still have time to send out a letter to a prospective member.

Thanks for all you help on this matter.
See you at Rotary tomorrow were the RYLA students will be presenting.
SPONSOR RESPONSIBILITIES       (The grayed out dates are what Shurrell is taking care of)
o   9/15 Letters mailed to potential new members.
o   9/20-25 Contact potential new member you are sponsoring and invite them to the Lunch meeting on 10/4 (Noon at the Old Tymer Restaurant)
o   9/27 Official invitation mailed to potential new members with information on
o   10/4 meeting
o   10/1-3 Contact potential new member you are sponsoring again with reminder of the meeting and an invitation to accompany them
o   10/5 Attend membership lunch meeting w/potential new member you are sponsoring
o   10/11-15 Follow up with potential new member you are sponsoring that may not have joined at the 10/4 meeting
September 21, 2010
Jeremy Redd, Chris Webb, Tim Chamberlain, Shurrell Meyer, Lisa Carr, Kathy Hurst, Andrew Dayish, Audrey Latrell, Wheeler Heck, Ryan Heck.
·         Business:
Chuck Dayish presented Lisa with a note that was left by a Rotary member from Amsterdam who had eaten at the restaurant and saw our Rotary Club sign.  Shurrell read the letter to us.  He expressed his regret that he couldn't stay and join us for our meeting.  He was excited to see that Rotary is active in Blanding.
·         Be sure to contact the potential member that you agreed to sponsor.  Our membership meeting will be October 5.
·         Andrew Dayish reported that Rotaract is up and running at the college.  Among other things, they have joined with Inneract to organize this year's soccor tournament for a fund raiser.  The cost is $40 per team.  It will be Saturday, October 9 at the high school practice field.  To enter a team, call members of the college or high school clubs.  If you bring items to send to Afghanistan (soccor ball, children's clothing, etc), the cost is reduced to $20 per team.  Lisa will try to put an entry form on our web site. 
·         We are having a contest between Blanding Rotary, Inneract, and Rotaract to see who can raise the most pennies for "Pennies to End Polio."  Be sure your cans are where they can be filled, and do what you can to encourage donations.
·         Rotaract and Inneract would both be happy to help with Tessa's Hope if it can be resurrected next year.
RYLA students reported to us about their experience at the workshops this year.  Our club sent Morgan Glover, Wheeler Heck, and Audrey Latrell. 
Audrey spoke first.  She felt it was an excellent experience.  At the "Culture Walk" she learned to bridge the gap between different cultures.  She learned that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and everyone is a potential leader.   When they did the ropes course, she was terrified, but she overcame her fears and learned to work with a team.  She said that the three days were full of so many activities that she was exhausted and thrilled and the same time.
Morgan Glover was unable to attend because she was participating in a tennis match.  She sent a letter, which Wheeler read to us.  Morgan expressed her gratitude and said that the whole experience had been life-changing to her in many ways.
Wheeler Heck told us that he had always looked up to Dillon Seeley, who had gone to RYLA several years before.  Dillon had seen his experience at RYLA as pivitol in his life, and he made Wheeler promise to go himself.  Wheeler also felt the experience was life-changing.  He learned about prejudice and about the worth of individuals, no matter what their religion or background.  He learned that being a happy person is extremely important.  In one of the presentations he learned that 90% of people who hear a presentation intend to implement it, but don't.  When he returned home, Wheeler found that it was difficult to keep committed to change during the normal daily grind.  He is trying to implement what he learned a small step at a time.  He feels that lots of small changes can lead to big things. 
All the students expressed their thanks to Blanding Rotary for sponsoring them.
Kathy Hurst, Secretary
September 28, 2010
Just a reminder of Rotary today at noon. Mark Bradford will be in attendance to educate us on the Education system in the Monticello Prison.  Great things are happening there and it will be very enlightening to hear about it.
Hope to see you all there.
Lisa Carr, President
September 29. 2010
Yesterday we had a wonderful presentation by Mark Bradford about the prison education system in the Monticello prison.  He is the director there now and he has developed many programs and projects for the prisoners to be involved in. One of the projects that involve over 40 prisoners is crocheting hats for soldiers and their families.  He has bought all of the camouflaged yarn he can find and has expended his budget on yarn as well.  He is asking if anyone has yarn they can donate to contact him or just bring it to Rotary club meeting and I can get it to him.
Kathy has also suggested that as part of our literacy project that we could do a book drive and get some nice books to build up a library in the prison and give the inmates something to read.  Please bring any books that you no longer want or need to Rotary on Tuesday and we will get them to Mark for use in the prison.
Lisa Carr, President
October 4, 2010
Attached is an invitation for lunch tomorrow. You can print it off and give to the person you spoke to about joining Rotary and encourage them to attend tomorrow.  Please come with them and give them support in this decision.
See you tomorrow.
Lisa Carr, President
October 4, 2010
Attached is an invitation for the Rotary membership lunch tomorrow. You can print it off and give to the person you spoke to about joining Rotary and encourage them to attend tomorrow.  Please come with them and give them support in this decision.
See you tomorrow.
Lisa Carr, President
October 5, 2010
Members in attendance: Shurrell Meyer,  Tim Chamberlain, Lynn Stevens, Lisa Carr, Elaine Borgen, Jeremy Redd, Phil Lyman, Chris Webb. 
Guests in attendance: Dick Snyder, Emily Brown, Guy Denton, Alton Chamberlain, Lisa Young
A few announcements were made by Lisa; Reminders of the Pennies for Polio Drive, and Board meeting on Thursday. 
The time was turned to Chris for the new member presentation.  He explained what Rotary is and gave a little history of how it got started and what it has become.  He showed a video presentation where different members gave testimonials of what Rotary has done for them in their lives.  He turned time over to a few of the members to tell about different projects that the Blanding club has done and then time to Jeremy to explain the financial commitment in becoming a Rotarian.
Lisa concluded by inviting the prospective members to think about becoming part of the Rotary organization and participating in the Blanding club.  All sponsors were encouraged to follow up with the prospective members and invite them to the club meeting next week.    
October 6, 2010
Thanks to all of you who took the time to contact a potential member and bring them to the membership meeting yesterday.  We had a fair turnout and hopefully will be able to recruit from this meeting and from your continued contact with those people.  Chris did an excellent job informing all about our club and what Rotary is.
If you have contacted someone about joining Rotary, please check back with them and invite them to come next week.  We don't want to lose the momentum we have going now. 
You can still bring your donations of pennies (money) and yarn or books for the prison to Rotary club any week or call me and I will pick it up at your house. 
A reminder to all board members...We have a board meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at 7:00 p.m. in the teepee office.  This includes Pres, Pres elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, Immediate Past Pres, and the 4 directors over club, community, vocational, and international.  Please come because we will be discussing critical information about the direction our club needs to be moving in.
Lisa Carr, President
October 11, 2010
We got notice that Robert Frayser of Lisbon Valley Copper Mine will not be able to present tomorrow so we will be stuffing literacy bags instead.  This will be in keeping with our monthly literacy theme and we will need lots of help so I hope to see all of you there at noon at the Old Tymer tomorrow. Please continue to contact people about joining Rotary and invite them to come tomorrow if they show an interest.  They will be impressed with the project Kathy has put together.
Lisa Carr, President
October 12, 2010
At the monthly board meeting, we discussed the upcoming Rotary auction.  We decided that if every member came up with item(s) to auction that could start the bidding at $200 then we would be able to meet our goal of doubling what we did last year and net us the $4,000 that is our goal.  We will run the auction from November 15-December 15 so we will have time to ship any items that need to be delivered before Christmas.  Please have your items decided upon and notify me by October 31 with what they are.  That will give me a couple of weeks to get the website prepared. If you want to show a picture of what your item is, please email the picture or I can take a picture of it if you let me know.
Last year was a big success.  Let's see if we can do it bigger, better, and bolder.
Much appreciated.
Also, if you have a Pennies-to-end-Polio can at your business, please bring it next week.  If we turn in our contribution during October 18-24 we get double credit on our contribution.
Thanks for all you are doing to make our club a success.
Success is never final and failure never fatal. It's courage that counts. - George F. Tilton
Lisa Carr, President
October 12, 2010
Those in attendance: Elaine Borgen, Lisa Carr, Tim Chamberlain, Shurrell Meyer, Jeremy Redd, Toni Turk, Chris Webb, Lisa Young (Lisa Young was inducted to the Blanding Rotary Club.  Congratulations Lisa!)
Special guests: Andrew Dayish who is the USU-CEU Rotaract President, John Beeman and Lillian Jordan from the Rockway New Jersey Rotary Club. These folks had stayed in Blanding and had eaten breakfast at the Old Tymer when they saw the "Rotary meets here" sign and decided to stay for our club meeting at noon.  John is a 40 year Rotarian and has never missed a meeting.  John gave us a report of what kinds of projects his club has done over the years.
Announcements: The online auction fundraiser will run through November 15-December 15 with the items being due to post on the website by October 31.  Please contact Lisa Carr with your item(s).  The value of the item(s) for bid for each Rotary member should start at $200.  You can have one item or as many as you like as long as the value adds up to $200.
The Pennies to end Polio drive continues with cans being placed at various businesses around town.  An email was sent by Rotary International saying that if we post our contribution during the week of Oct 18-24 we can receive double credit for our contribution.  Everyone should bring back their cans on the 26th for counting.  
Carol Brown is sponsoring a community Thanksgiving dinner at the Arts and Events Center and is asking for volunteers to work one hour on Thanksgiving day or a contribution of food.  There will be a sign up sheet forthcoming. 
Our guest speaker for today fell through and will be rescheduled in the future.
Kathy had arranged for us to stuff the literacy bags that we take to area hospitals.  All the books, magnets and pamphlets were set out on tables for us to put our Rotary sticker in them and stuff them in the bags.  This was a very successful activity and the bags were delivered to the Blanding and Monticello hospitals by the next day.  Thanks Kathy and Shurrel for all your hard work on this project.
October 19, 2010
Present:  Chris Webb, Jeremy Redd. Lisa Young, Lisa Carr, Shurrell Meyer, Kathy Hurst, Elaine Borgan, Lynn Young, Jewel Young, Phil Lyman, Clay Conway, Greg Montgomery, Derek Jack, Phil Lowe, Reed Chapman.
Business:  San Juan Counseling Allyn Mitchell is looking for volunteers to work with Special Needs kids during the school day and after school from 3:00 to 6:00.  Volunteers need to be able to be consistent.  Please contact her if you could be available.
There will be a community Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Lisa passed around a sign-up for tiime and food donations.
Auction items:  We need items from each member to total a $200 minimum opening bid.  Please have your items to Lisa by October 31.  The auction will run from November 15 to December 15.  Contact Jeremy if you need some suggestions for businesses to contact.
Morgan Glover is requesting monetary contributions from Rotary Club to help her do a Rotary exchange program in a French speaking country.  She is processing her application now, to study abroad next year during her senior year of high school.  The club voted to give some support, but left the amount open.
Fund Raising Possibility.  The Harlem Ambassadors would be available to come to Blanding in April.  The group decided to request an information packet to further consider the possibility.
Presentations: Monticello Rotary Club update:  The Monticello club is up and running.  They participated in a craft fair in which they raised $700+ and a rummage sale in which they raised $2000+.  Their current big project is teaming with the city to plant trees along the Old Mill Site Trail.  They need $8-10 thousand, and they hope to plant next spring.
They are also building crosses to decorate the graves of veterans in the Monticello City Cemetery.    They provided dictionaries for Monticello and LaSal this year, and they send six students to RYLA.
Lynn Young and his wife Jewel visited our club today.  Lynn is a polio victim who has made Bluff his home for over 20 years.  He shared some of his experiences with us.  We will be donating our polio money to Rotary in his name.
                Kathy Hurst, Secretary
October 26, 2010
Just a reminder about Rotary Club today at noon. To conclude our monthly literacy theme, our program will consist of Bonnie Purcell who is with the Reading First Program at San Juan School District.
Topic:  Bonnie and others involvement with SJSD has resulted in greatly improved reading scores.  In a PowerPoint presentation she will discuss how to effectively 'raise readers' and stimulate reading development at all levels of progress. 
Hope to see you all there. 
P.S. Remember to bring or submit your auction items to me ASAP.
Lisa Carr, President
October 26, 2010
I have attached our Blanding Rotary Club Directory. Please review this and let me know if there are any corrections, additions that need to be made on the master copy.  
Lisa Carr, President
October 26, 2010
Present:  Charlie DeLorme, Susan DeLorme, Elaine Borgan, Clay Conway, Lewis Singer, Donna Singer, Lisa Carr, Kathy Hurst, Chris Webb, Toni Turk, Barbara Turk, Bonnie Purcell
Business:  For the auction, have your items to Lisa by October 31.  Email them to her, with a picture if you have one.
Blanding Thanksgiving dinner:  Sign up to help work or bring food items.
Pennies for Polio:  The money was counted with the help of Wells Fargo in Monticello.  There was $381.  We will be matched for a total of $862.64.  Wheeler Heck got all the cans, because the High School is doing an advisory group competition.  Our total will be around $1000 when it's all over.  By June of 2012, we need to have raised $3781.70.  A few cans are still out.  We can re-use the cans by cutting them open, resealing the cans, and putting the label back over it.
On November 3-4 at the Arts and Events Center, there will be Domestic Violence training.
Rotaract will be working at the Halloween carnival on Saturday.  11:00 at the college.
Presentation by Bonnie Purcell:  Bonnie told us about the importance of raising readers.  She commented that it's too bad parents don't need a license to bring children into the world.  She said that our book bags are helping to train parents.
Reading to children (of all ages) is important. 
Bonnie challenged us to read to children when we can.
                Kathy Hurst, Secretary
October 29, 2010
Just a reminder to all Blanding Rotarians, tomorrow is the deadline to notify me of what you item(s) you have for the online auction. We have some good merchandise already, but need final input from all Rotarians. I don't want to assume incorrectly, so I am waiting for a phone call or an email confirming what you have stated verbally.
Lisa Carr, President
October 29, 2010
Here is a list of auction items from last year.  This may help jog your memory if you need help thinking of items to donate. 
We will be reviewing the list of items donated thus far at our meeting on Tuesday to see if we have missed any businesses that might be willing to donate. 
Lisa Carr, President
November 2, 2010
Just a friendly reminder about our Rotary work meeting today.  See you at noon!
Remember your auction items if you haven't already emailed me with your information.  Thanks to those who have.
Lisa Carr, President
November 2, 2010
Here's what I found out about the Harlem Ambassadors.  Mr. Hendry is checking to see if we can use the gym (depending on the date). Lisa Young has agreed to be our fundraising chairperson. Thanks, Lisa
Lisa Carr, President
November 2, 2010
Present:  Lisa Young, Chris Webb, Elaine Borgan, Lisa Carr, Jeremy Redd, Kathy Hurst, Toni Turk, Clay Conway, & Tim Chamberlain
Business:  Please sign up for the Thanksgiving Dinner if you haven't already.
Blanding Rotary Club is just barely ahead in the penny contest.  Rotaract and Ineract are doing great.  There will be pizza for the winner.
Many members have submitted their items for the auction.  If you haven't, please do so as soon as possible.  The auction will run from November 15 to December 15.
Lisa received information about the Harlem Ambassadors fund raising.  We discussed it in depth and decided to spend a week putting feelers out in the community.  We need 20 local player who are sponsored for $150 each.  We will have 1000 tickets to sell.  After a week, we will make a decision about whether to take on the project.
Kathy Hurst, Secretary
November 9, 2010
Present:  Clayson Lyman, Chris Webb, Toni Turk, Clay Conway, Lisa Carr, Elaine Borgan, Kathy Hurst, Lisa Young, Jeremy Redd, Worthy Glover
Business:  Welcome to Clayson Lyman, visiting from the Monticello Club. Clayton Lyman told us about visiting a cemetery where crosses honored the graves of veterans.  It was an emotional experience for him.  He got a cross from the cemetery to show to the Monticello club and convinced them to do the same for Monticello veterans.  An Eagle Scout, whose father was a high school shop teacher, took it on as a project.  A member of the Monticello club donated the funds necessary.  Within a few days the crosses will be erected at the Monticello City Cemetery.  They will be put up and taken down for about five events during the year.
The Rotary International Meetings will be held May 19-25, 2011 in New Orleans.  If you are interested in going, get details from Lisa Carr.
At the Rotary Board Meeting held last Thursday we decided on some "Monthly Projects."  In November we will make new "children"  to slow down traffic around Blanding Elementary School.  We will provide the funds for new "children" to be constructed from a metal frame.  They will hold the "slow" signs.  The Rotary symbol will be displayed on their clothing to indicate that the signs were donated by the Blanding Rotary Club.
In December we will make and donate bath blankets for the Four Corners Care Center.  Kathy Hurst can help purchase fabric at wholesale cost, Elaine Borgan will provide a sample, and we will organize a work meeting to construct the bath blankets sometime in December.
The Harlem Ambassador fund raisor appears to be a go.  Lisa Young put out feelers, and she has eleven players committed to get sponsors and play.  The dates will be at the end of May.
Lisa Young has agreed to be the new fund raising chairperson.
Elaine Borgen has agreed to be the Vocational Leader.
Presentation:  Worthy Glover presented a PowerPoint about the Rotary Foundation: 
The Rotary Foundation began in 1917 with a donation of $26.50.  In 1928 the endowment had grown to more than $5000.  To date, over One Billion Dollars have been donated .
The mission of the Rotary Foundation is fourfold:  1.  To advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace; 2.  Through the improvement of health; 3.  The support of education; 4. And the alleviation of poverty.  The Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.
There are six areas of focus:
·         Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
·         Disease prevention and treatment
·         Water and sanitation
·         Maternal and child health
·         Basic education and literacy
·         Economic and community development
The goal is "Every Rotarian, Every Year" (EREY).  We are all asked to contribute $100 per year to the foundation.  Your donation can mean a world of difference.  If you give $100 per year through EREY, you automatically become a Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member.  By donating $1000 or more, you can become a Paul Harris Fellow.
When we give as a club, our club benefits. We become eligible for matching grants.  We can use Foundation funds to have a positive impact on our local community.
                Kathy Hurst, Secretary
November 15, 2010
The Rotary Auction is now live.  Before you email aaaaalllllll your friends and associates and have them start bidding, please go to www.blandingrotary.organd look at the items.  Make sure the items you donated are as you want them to be.  If there are mistakes or if you want to add additional items for bidding, I can still do that. If you have pictures of your items, please email them to me ASAP so I can post them as well. Thanks for all your donations.
Lisa Carr, President
November 15, 2010
Warning, looks like the starting bid is showing the final bid from last year.  I'm trying to contact Steve Black to see how to fix the problem.  Don't panic about the high bid when you look at the items.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
Lisa Carr, President
November 16, 2010
Present:  Lisa Young, Worthy Glover, Chris Webb, Clay Conway, Lisa Carr, Kathy Hurst, Elaine Borgan, Toni Turk, Jeremy Redd, Andrew Dayish, Tim Chamberlain.
Business:  The auction is now live.
Elaine Borgan will take over the live auction on the web site.  Elaine showed us the bath towel we will be making for the nursing home.  She will look into having the emblem sewn onto the towel.  Kathy Hurst will try to find the fabric required.
Tim Chamberlain presented a request from Blanding Elementary PTA:  They need a donation of $230 to pay for some books they purchased.  The group discussed the project.  We need more specific information about money.  The request is on hold for now.
The 100 Year Celebration of Rotary in Utah will be held January 15, 2011 at the UofU Union Building. 6-8 p.m.
Presentation: Chris Webb told us about the new Blanding Recreation Center:
·         It is a $3.1 million project.  What we will see on the tour is Phase I.  We are still purchasing equipment.  There is some money available to demolish the old pool.  Today the city will accept bids for the pavilion to be built on that spot.
·         We will walk around the new facility, which we hope will be finished within the next 30 days.  The City Council has been fiscally conservative with the project, and we have the best we can have with the funds available.
·         Next we met at the Recreation Center and Chris showed us around.  There are four gyms, a weight room, an aerobics room, an upstairs room for storage, a entrance office.  The pool has an extensive play area, a diving pool, lap lanes, and a slide area.  There will be lots of deck furniture and nice landscaping.
·         Phase II will be an indoor lap pool.
·         Phase III will be a mirror image of the gym and exercise rooms.
We were all impressed with the facility and excited for its completion.
                Kathy Hurst, Secretary
November 17, 2010
Here's the information for the All Clubs Celebration for Utah Rotary's 100th birthday. 
Let's see if we can get some representation from the Blanding Club to attend.
Lisa Carr, President
More information will follow and please visit the web site for more information
Never in the history of this District has an event like this one been held -  a 100 year celebration of Rotary in a State that knows about service and how to render it.  Oh, I haven't even mentioned the birthday wishes from Rotarians and friends of Rotarians from across the globe.
Please come and be entertained. Please come and be motivated. Please come and walk away a more inspired and committed Rotarian.
Thanks and I will see you January 15, 2011.
Governor Penny Atkinson
The cost will be $35 per person.  I'm asking that you not hold your regular meeting that week and use the cost of your meal for that week to offset some of the cost for this event. 
November 23, 2010
Present:  Worthy Glover, Elaine Borgen, Lisa Carr, Terry Paul, Kathy Hurst, Andrew Dayish.
Business:  Andrew Dayish reported that the college group completed a highway cleanup project by Recapture Reservoir.  Recycling bins are now in place at CEU.  The contents will be hauled to Monticello to be placed in their recycling system.  The recycling bins are intended for students and faculty at CEU.
Elaine Borgen updated us on the bath blanket project.  She found readymade blankets in a catalog for $22 each.  Our goal is 50 blankets, but perhaps it will be best to start with 24 (two packs of 12).  Then next year we could get the other 24.  We have about $1000 to work with.
We need to distribute flyers about our on-line auction.
Presentation:  Terry Paul presented information about the economic contributions of Edge of the Cedars State Park and Museum.  The text of her message follows:
Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum (EOC) and GNSP
Impacts on San Juan County (SJC)
In 2009, 11,981 people visited EOC.20 2009 SJC population was 15,643 according to Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget population estimates.21 So, in 2009, the park and its staff hosted a number of individuals that is approximately three-fourths the size of the population of SJC
Over 75% of museum visitors indicated that they made travel-related purchases in the town of Blanding as part of their visit.24
In 2009, DNR Planners conducted research to estimate the impacts of visitor spending on SJC. It was estimated the11,981 visitors to EOC in 2009 created approximately $396,000 in local wages, earning, rents and tax revenues with SJC.25 While EOC visitors did likely create this spending, care must be taken in saying that the museum was directly responsible for these expenditures. However, there is a high likelihood that as people take the time to visit the museum, this will channel in-county travel-related purchases that would not have occurred otherwise. The survey results appear to confirm this assumption.
The parks’ $396,000 economic impact from visitor spending is equivalent to about $25.32 per SJC resident on a per capita basis: $396.999 / 15,643 SJC population = $25.32.
Visitation as of October 2010. EOC visitation is up over 2009 by 4.1% for the same time last year. Numbers in 2009 were overall down from 2008, so maybe there is a slow rising trend. As of October, we are up overall by 473 visitors compared to 2009 Jan – Oct. Most of our visitors are from out of state (60-70%), Utah visitors make up 22 & 29%, Foreign 11% in 2009 and 7 % in 2010.
Visitation as of October 2010 GNSP. Though monthly totals percentage varies comparing 2009 – 2010 the overall total Jan – Oct is almost the same. 80066 in 2009 and 79861 in 2010. Both years are about the same in percentage of visitors from Utah 5%, Non-Utah 34%, and Foreign 61%.
According to past survey results, most visit the museum as part of a visit to other area attractions. Only a small percentage (2.1%) indicated that the museum was their destination.22   Respondents were likely to visit Monument Valley, Natural Bridges, Hovenweep and Mesa Verde as part of their visit to the museum.23
In 2009, the city of Blanding received $7,395 in sales and use taxes from park operations.26
In 2009 Edge of the Cedars paid $84,605 in utilities costs to the city of Blanding
In 2008, 1,113 OHVs and 53 snowmobiles were registered in SJC providing the county with about $32,000 in revenues (in the form of payments in lieu of property taxes.) 27 Through its administration of statewide OHV and snowmobile programs, the division and the park facilitate the provision of numerous area OHV and snowmobile opportunities that undoubtedly bring even more economic impact to the county.
The Division’s Boating Program collects data and information on boating-related activities and opportunities in each county. In 2009, SJC had 3 boat/rafting outfitters and 4 authorized captain/guide/boat crew permittees.28 The division facilitates economic impacts to the county through the provision of boating opportunities.
In 2009 the park spent about $479,000 to maintain and operate the park and to pay for necessary infrastructure and wages. 29  Much of this money is spent in the county.
EOC employs 4 FTEs, 1 permanent PTE, and 2 seasonal employees.
EOC provides a number of essential, community-oriented services and partnerships. We are an active participant in the Blanding volunteer community service program; EOC provided 42 public programs and special tours so far in 2010. Included in this is our after school program and behind the scenes tours, boy scout programs, lectures, and exhibits and the FCIAF. All of these are free to the public. We partner with federal agencies for many educational programs. We provide local researchers access to collection materials and provide a place to care for archaeological collections from San Juan County so they don’t have to be sent outside of the county for permanent care. We sell wood and Christmas tree permits for the USFS as a convenience for Blanding residents. We also sell OHV permits for the BLM. We provide a home for the Utah Site Stewards Program now with 30 volunteer backcountry site stewards.
Edge of the Cedars State writes numerous grants every year to assure funding for our free public programs and exhibits, as well as for costs associated with curation of artifacts and research.
20: Utah State Parks Public Use Statistics (Visitation Database) EOC 2009
21: Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget, Utah Population Estimates, Population by County, 1940-2009
22: Utah State Parks, EOC Visitor Survey Results, p.3 October 2000
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25: Estimated wages, earnings, rents and tax revenues (wages, proprietor’s income, rents, leases, and tax revenues) were developed using the visitor survey information referenced above. This information was entered into the IMPLAN Professional Version 2.01.1025 model. IMPLAN provides estimates of how much economic value is created directly within SJC . IMPLAN is widely-used software that estimates county-wide economic and employment impacts associated with land and resource management planning. Data sets used I this analysis were developed by IMPLAM and represent the county’s economy as the study areas.
26: Utah Division of State Parks, Fiscal Management Section, Sales Use Transient Room and Resort Tax reports by County 2009
27: Utah Division of State Parks, Off Highway Vehicle program, Historical Off Road Vehicle Registrations by County, 1998-2008
28: Utah Division of State Parks, Boating Program, 2009 statistics on county boat dealers, liveries outfitting companies and captain/guide license and boat crew permits.
29: Utah Division of State Parks, Fiscal Management Section, State Parks Financial Trends
                Kathy Hurst, Secretary
November 30, 2010
Present:  Worthy Glover, Jeremy Redd, Chris Webb, Lisa Carr, Kathy Hurst
Business:  The auction isn't seeing much action.  Please notify your friends and encourage them to bid on items.  There are some items with no bids at all.  If you have items that have not been entered, it's not too late.
Kathy Hurst has friends from Wisconsin who have donated $300 for our club to use to benefit a family or families in need this Christmas.  We decided to pay the heating bills of two or three families, perhaps single working mothers with children.  Chris and Jeremy will research and make it happen.  They will telephone the families and let them know their bill was paid by an anonymous donor.
Worthy Glover gave a presentation about the economic status of San Juan County.  The presentation follows:
San Juan County Presentation: An Economic Update
o   Slide 1. San Juan County: An Economic Update
In this presentation, we will begin by looking at some of the more distinctive demographic features of San Juan County. Then we will examine the current labor market conditions and employment trends by industry. Finally, we will look at a few economic indicators to see what they have to say about San Juan County’ economy.
o   Slide 2. Demographics
San Juan County has some rather unique demographics that make it distinctly different not only from the U.S., but from Utah’s other counties as well. We will begin by looking at the population trend over the last 70 years.
o   Slide 3. San Juan County Population
The uranium boom of the 1950s drew many people to San Juan County, but the boom was short-lived and ended in the early 1960s. Since then, San Juan County has experienced relatively steady population growth over the last 45 years. According to the Utah Population Estimates Committee, the population was 15,643 in 2009.
o   Slide 4. Population Growth, 2008-2009
With a population growth rate of 2.9%, San Juan County had the third-highest population growth of all of Utah’s counties. The statewide average was 1.5% (indicated in orange). Roughly 74% of this population increase was due to in-migration.   The county had the second-highest rate of net in-migration among Utah’s counties.
o   Slide 5. Age Distribution, 2009
With a median age of 28.8, Utah is the youngest state in the U.S. The median age for the U.S. is 36.8. Although we do not have a current estimate for the median age in San Juan County, it could be even lower than that for the State of Utah. San Juan County has a very large proportion of young people, with 25% of the population between the ages of 5 and 17. Compare this to 21% for Utah and 17% for the U.S.
o   Slide 6. Racial Distribution, 2009
One of San Juan County’s most unique demographic features is the large American Indian population. In fact, American Indians make up the majority of the population in the county. Most of the American Indians in the county are Navahos, but there are also several hundred Ute Mountain Utes in the county as well. The proportions of other non-White racial groups are roughly the same as for Utah.
o   Slide 7. Ethnic Distribution, 2009
Another unique feature of San Juan County is the relatively small percent of Hispanic people. As of 2009, only 5.8% of county’s residents were ethnically Hispanic as compared to 12.3% statewide.
o   Slide 8. The Labor Market
Now we will focus on the economy of San Juan County. Even though the Great Recession has had a negative impact on every county in Utah, San Juan County appears to be well on the road to recovery. First, we will look at which industries are the most important to the county.
o   Slide 9. Largest Industries by Percentage of Total Employment
This slide shows all of the county’s major sectors ranked in terms of their share of total employment. The percentages are based on total industrial employment, regardless of whether the employees worked for the government or private sector. This helps explain why education and public administration are the two largest employers in the county. These two industries employ roughly one-third of all workers. The other five most important industries are healthcare, accommodations and food services, mining, retail trade, and construction. (Note: The numbers in parentheses are the NAICS industrial codes for each sector.)
o   Slide 10. San Juan County – Total Employment
In this slide, a seasonal adjustment method was applied to the employment data in order to extract the employment trend. Even though the Great Recession pulled the economy down for nearly two years, the county is showing a clear upward trend from the 4th quarter in 2009 through the 2nd quarter of 2010.
o   Slide 11. San Juan County and Utah Unemployment Rates
However, with an unemployment rate of 13.5% in September, San Juan County’s level of unemployment remains high. Unemployment rates for rural counties are not always the most accurate statistics, so the employment data, which is very accurate, is a better indicator of what is happening in the economy.
o   Slide 12. San Juan County – Year-Over Change in Employment by Industry
Looking at the employment data for the 2nd quarter of 2010, the county’s total employment is up nearly 2% as compared to a year ago. Even though several industries are showing declines in employment, the growing industries have more than made up for these job losses. Currently, the three fastest growing industries are mining, construction, and healthcare.
In the next five slides, we will look at the employment trends in five of the most important industries in San Juan County.
o   Slide 13. San Juan County – Accommodation and Food Services
The accommodation and food services sector is related to tourism. This sector includes hotels, motels, restaurants, and bars. Slightly more that 14% of all employment was in this sector. As the graph in the slide reveals, employment has been trending downward since the middle of 2008.
o   Slide 14. San Juan County – Health Care and Social Services
The health care and social services industry employs just over 580 government and private workers. This accounts for roughly 14% of total employment. The healthcare industry has shown remarkably steady and strong growth over the last decade.
o   Slide 15. San Juan County – Retail Trade
With an 8% share of total employment, retail trade is the sixth-largest industry in San Juan County. However, as the graph indicates, employment has been virtually unchanged over the last seven years.
o   Slide 16. San Juan County – Mining
After suffering a decline through the first half of the last decade, mining employment began to expand rapidly in 2006. In the last four years, mining employment has grown 147%. The primary mining activities in San Juan County are oil, gas, and uranium extraction.
o   Slide 17. San Juan County – Construction
Another rapidly growing industry is construction. While construction employment has declined in most of Utah’s counties, it has rebounded nicely in San Juan County. Employment in construction has increased roughly 25% from the 2nd quarter of 2009 to the 2nd quarter of 2010.
o   Slide 18. Economic Indicators
By all appearances, the labor market has been doing quite well in San Juan County in the first half of 2010. Let’s see if the economic indicators help confirm this optimistic view.
o   Slide 19. San Juan County – Year-Over Change in Permitted Dwelling Units
Looking at construction permit data, housing construction is up over 15% through September of this year as compared to a year ago. Note that housing construction statewide is down over 12% so far this year.
o   Slide 20. Grand and San Juan Home Sales
While the previous slide provided data on the construction side of the housing market, the current slide shows actual housing sales. The only available data is for Grand and San Juan counties combined. Here we can see the housing market bubble along with the collapse of the housing market. In the 2nd quarter of 2010, sales were only about one-third of their previous high.
o   Slide 21. Grand and San Juan Average Home Price
Even though housing sales have slumped, the average home price for the Grand/San Juan area has continued to increase. This is mostly due to sales in Grand County where the housing prices are much higher and more home sales are occurring. 
o   Slide 22. San Juan County – Year-Over Change in Total Construction Value
While a 15% year-over increase in housing construction is great, a 61% year-over increase in total construction value is even better. Statewide, total construction value is down 5%. These construction numbers are consistent with the rapid increase in construction employment, suggesting that the construction market is, in fact, doing remarkably well.
o   Slide 23. San Juan County – Taxable Sales
The last economic indicator we will consider is taxable sales. This indicator is important for showing the overall health of the county economy because is characterizes the willingness of consumers to spend their income. For the State of Utah, taxable sales were up 3.2% in the 2nd quarter of this year, which is good news. But even better news for San Juan County is the fact that taxable sales were up by 28% in the 2nd quarter.
o   Slide 24. The Economic Outlook
The economy is growing and creating more employment opportunities within the county. The three industries responsible for most of the job creation are healthcare, mining, and construction.
The construction permit data and construction employment data confirm that industry is doing very well in the county. And with taxable sales up by 28% in the 2nd quarter of this year, it appears as though San Juan County’s overall economic picture is a very optimistic one.
o   Slide 25. For More Information
If anyone has any questions, please let them know that I would be happy to answer their questions via phone or e-mail.
Kathy Hurst, Secretary
December 2, 2010
We will be having our monthly board meeting tonight, but not until 8:00 as there is a magic show from 5-8 that some of you might want to take your families to. 
The online auction is off to a slow start so be sure and email your family and friends about it so we can get more bidding going on.  We can still add items, so if you have anything we can auction, just let me know and I can post it.  The auction ends the 15th so let's push it hard from now until it ends. 
We have locked the date of Thursday, May 26, 2011 for the Harlem Ambassador fund raiser.  I'm sure we have a committed, diverse group of players that will pay $300 each. We will have 1,000 tickets to sell so get your friends and family excited about coming to the game and supporting the cause.
Also check out thewww.utahrotary.orgwebsite.  It has been updated and has a nice newscast report about Interact's purple pinkie for polio. 
Also thewww.blandingrotary.orgwebsite continues to sport the upcoming meetings, meeting minutes and right now has our live auction posted.  Be sure and bid while you are  there.
Governor Penny Atkinson announced on 10/27/2010 that enough Utah Rotarians had signed up for the license plates program to order the newest humanitarian plate in Utah. Congratulations to all those Blanding Rotarians who signed up for that. The plates will be ready by the All-Clubs day in January 15, 2011 which I hope some of us will be able to attend.
See you all soon.
Lisa Carr, President
December 2, 2010
Jerry Summerhays, who is the Rotary Foundation Chair and District Governor Elect nominee, will be our guest speaker at our Rotary meeting next Tuesday December 7th at noon.  Worthy has arranged for him to come and speak to us on the Rotary Foundation and District Simplified Grants.  
It is very important that all of us be there as Jerry will have traveled from Salt Lake City just to speak to us.  We need to show great support for his efforts in coming.  We can all benefit from what he has to say and learn from his presentation and our discussion with him. 
Attached are the handouts he will be presenting.  He wanted you to be able to look through them before so it won't be so overwhelming when he presents the information.
Thanks, I hope to see you all there on Tuesday.
Lisa Carr, President
December 15, 2010
Hey friends and family,
Just want you to know that the Rotary Club of Blanding is having a live, online auction.  It is going on right now and will end December 15th so if you are thinking about any of these items for Christmas, they can be shipped or delivered in time for Christmas. There are some great, one of a kind items with more things being added daily.  Check it out
All proceeds go to the Blanding Rotary Club for future projects in and around the community of Blanding.
Feel free to pass this on to your friends and family.
Lisa Carr, President
December 21, 2010
Our Nursing Home service project is complete and ready to deliver.  Tonight at 7:00, please meet in the foyer of the Nursing Home.  There we will present bath blankets to the staff.  Following that, we will sing carols in the halls for about a half hour.  We will be joining the Interact group for the caroling.
Please try to attend. 
Lisa Carr, President
December 27, 2010
I just checked my email after a looonnnggg weekend.  Thought I would pass this along and remind you that there will be no Rotary meeting this week.  Have a great holiday and a fun New Year's celebration.  See you next week on Tuesday.
Lisa Carr, President
----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Penny Atkinson
Sent: Fri, December 24, 2010 8:34:29 PM

Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope the coming year will bring you much happiness and good will.  I know you are all doing good things and making this world a better place for everyone.  Thank you for your "Service Above Self" and for all the support you have given me.  I am so blessed to call you my Rotary Family!
Please pass this along to your club members and let them know they are all in my thoughts also.
Keep up the good work and we'll see you all at the University of Utah on January 15th to celebrate 100 Years of Rotary in Utah!
Love you all
Penny Atkinson
District Governor
100 Years of Rotary in Utah