Literacy Project

Sherry Porter, Chair

Blanding Rotary has three active literacy projects:

1.  Each year Blanding Rotary Club purchases and donates a personal dictionary to every third grade student in San Juan County.  The club purchases the dictionaries, then members visit the elementary schools in San Juan County to personally give the dictionaries to the students. 

Beginning in the 2010-2011 year, Monticello Rotary will be giving dictionaries to students in LaSal and Monticello.  Blanding Rotary Club will continue to give the dictionaries to students in Blanding, Bluff, Montezuma Creek, Aneth, Mexican Hat, and Navajo Mountain.

2.  We donate books to San Juan County library as prizes and incentives for their summer reading program.

3.  Our main literacy program gifts a "literacy bag" to each baby born to parents who live in San Juan County, Utah.  The bag contains at least two high-quality board books, a large refrigerator magnet that reminds parents about the importance of reading to their children, and information about local libraries. 

The "Board Books for Newborns" project is funded by Blanding Rotary Club, San Juan County Economic Development, San Juan County Libraries, and White Mesa Ute, Inc.